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Is it allowed to providing free work to someone repeatedly

Hi is it allowed to provide someone work freely in conversation without asking him for order or anything else

is it against TOS ?

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Strictly speaking, it’s not against TOS.

However, Fiverr TOS says that the cheapest price gigs can be offered at is $5

Not sure why you would want to do free work on Fiverr, though - you can do that anywhere and don’t need a platform for that.

Also it’s a waste of your time. You could be earning some income, but seem to be choosing not to …

It also opens you up to being manipulated. Say you sent a rough design of something for a preview. They could take that and run with no protection from Fiverr.

Sure, you can do free work for other people. That’s your own freedom and no one can stop you :slight_smile:

@coerdelion i am not doing work for free
basically few days ago i received an order from a person from New Zealand
he said i need rendered images for a video. But he said my team member will contact you.
After some time i received message from a person who given me requirements about order etc
Its all happening on fiverr.
Now i am collaborating with second person who given me requirements regarding project
First person is only placing order he is doing nothing else
and i am sending all work to second person and also sending on order page

Is it fair and not against TOS as its second time its happening to me

Is it against TOS or not i just want to make sure

Thanks you

@wolfhowler i hope this time i explained it in batter way LOL

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Well, you need to deliver through the order page or you won’t get paid.

Ask your client to specifically state on the order page that they also want you to send everything to the team member. Don’t send anything to the team member before delivery or you’ll open yourself to malicious cancelling …

I delivered first on order page and then sent to team member Thank GOD and Thanks for Help