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Is it allowed to put your gig links when asking?

Hellow guys! I am just a noob here lol and was wandering if it is allowed to add your own links in the forums because i wanna do that to get advice from people and if they saw the gigs themselves it would make it easier. Thank you :pray::wave::grinning:

So was everyone when they started. :wink:

Yes. However, please note that you are only allowed to do so in the โ€œMy Fiverr Gigsโ€ sub-category in case you would like to advertise your gigs here on the forum or the โ€œImprove my Gigโ€ sub-category if you would like to get advice from forum users.

Good luck! :sunny:


You are definitely allowed to do so in posts asking how you can improve them, sure. However, posting them in threads trying to get clients is not only discouraged, itโ€™s pretty much useless.

Thank you so much for the advice :slight_smile: :hugs:

Okay I understand. THank you so much ,:pray: