Is it allowed to refer another sellers or another gig by different sellers?


Sometimes my buyers ask me to suggest some gigs or a seller for their future project. I usually tell them to go through the description and reviews clearly and then take a decision. But they also ask me which one i recommend. So, i want to able to help them in every aspect even after finishing my own project with them. I just want to be sure about recommending, suggesting or referring buyers to another seller or gig which i think might be beneficial to them. Its not against the Fiverr terms if i provide them the link to another gig or seller, right?

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It isn’t anything against the ToS, however keep this in mind that the Buyer might have a bad experience in the gig you recommend and he/she might put you responsible.


I absolutely concur with @taverr.

Just understand maybe you are a nice person and are trying to be helpful, but many people in this planet may/may not have similar sentiments.


I recommend all the time. Usually to someone I have used though.



Thank you guys for replying. I will keep in mind about what taverr has mentioned.:+1:


Once I have replied a customer that I won’t be able to create what he is asking for, but here is a link (inside Fiverr) to someone who probably will be able to do this (my competition) and my message has been frozen for 24h, and I could’t communicate further. I hope they have change it.


I do it all the time. But as silberma1976 said, suggest the one who you know well and are reliable ones.


No Saddu, we did NOT say that, it was silberna1976 who said this. Please do not misquote us!


Oh I am sorry guys. My mistake. Apologies.


I do it all the time with sellers I’m familiar with. I have a large set of repeat buyers, and over time I check out their work too. If someone asks me for a good video or whiteboard animator, script writer, or similar (something related to the things I do), I refer them to people I’ve worked with before or I’ve seen/vetted their work.

I’ve also referred buyers to other VO artists who I know that handle styles/voices I don’t do myself. I’m highly UN-qualified to do a Millennial Male voice, but I know a guy who is excellent for that. I’ve recommended him quite a few times. Assuming he keeps doing an excellent job, everybody wins.

Nothing against the rules, and over time I work to be a great resource for clients. When done properly, it’s a great way to build another reason for your buyers to interact with you. You become a trusted resource for your buyers, and that can reflect well on you too.

As the others have stated, it’s about making sure you have confidence in your recommendations, and I wouldn’t recommend anybody I wouldn’t purchase from myself. YMMV.


Sometimes its inevitable that you would recommend a Seller (or vouch for a Buyer). You probably need to make clear your reasons for the recommendation -in a way that you are indemnified. Good you stay away from recommending anyone if you hadn’t had smooth transactions with such person(s).