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Is it allowed to sell an online product (like online course, book) on Fiverr?

Hey guys,
this is a question I am actually asking myself now after over 4 years on Fiverr. I just didn’t find anything about it in my research and came up with it because a well-known blogger who also posts about Fiverr was talking about how he sells his Fitness & Health book as a PDF (on Fiverr). However, I can’t find any online products in the Fiverr search. All forum topics similar to this are from 2014-2016.

Was something like this allowed at the time? Is it still? Or has it been banned in the meantime? Does anyone know more? I ask specifically because I also sell an e-book and online courses in addition to my work on Fiverr. Sorry if the answer is somewhere in bold in the ToS, here it is already late and I’m probably just too stupid to read. I would be happy if someone had a source for this. Otherwise I’ll just ask the support. Thank you!


I’ve actually been wondering the same thing about whether or not selling e-books is allowed!

This seller seems to have been selling her Ebook on Fiverr: Fiverr is such a PILL (Annoying and Dumb)! RANT

Fiverr probably isn’t the best platform to sell courses and books, as most buyers come here for services, but I don’t see anything in the TOS that says it’s not allowed.


Well, I’ll wait a day before I annoy CS, maybe someone else has already asked them. Otherwise I’ll open a ticket and post the answer on here. Maybe it’s helpful to other sellers in the future.

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Yes, I am pretty sure there are a good number of sellers offering things like this but I would double check with CS to be sure.


Though for an ebook if you sold it on a site like Amazon they’d handle the sales of it so it would be passive income whereas on Fiverr you’d still have to manually deliver each ebook. Though you could compare 2 similar products to see whether they sold better on one platform compared to the other. Maybe Fiverr could change their system so they’re more set up for more automated deliveries of things like that.


I asked this question of my Seller Success Manager during a phone call last month and he said yes, I could do that. However, I specifically asked about creating a book that was about doing business on Fiverr.

I suspect that the platform would not welcome a mass of book offers per se but will look at their suitability individually. ‘How to’ books and pre-made courses seem to be allowed if they fit with the concept of telling customers how to do X or Y, but I’d say offers that are only available on Fiverr might be better received than ones that are sold elsewhere. (This is supposition–not anything I have been told).

In your position, I would send the course or book to CS as an attachment so they can decide based on the specifics of the product since it is unlikely to be a ‘one size fits all’ response.