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Is it allowed to share Gigs on Facebook Group and Fiverr Forum?

Some people say that sharing Gigs on Facebook group like “Fiverr Gig Promption” will make our accounts banned. Same to sharing on Fiverr Forum.

Some say that it’s totally okay to promote Gigs like that. I don’t want my account get risk, but I need to know the right way to increase my Gigs. So please help me, I’m a newbie.

Thank you!!!


You can share your gigs in “My Fiverr Gigs” And " Improve My Gig" Subcategory of forum .And you can share your gigs but do not spam any websites by posting lot of same post or links …It will not helpful for you …

You can take a look at forum rules …


Thank you for useful information. I hope you will get nice clients in the near future :slight_smile:

Gig promotion on any social media platform is allowed. but not in fake groups, only promote on those group where you believe you have chance to get orders.

I searched key words “Fiverr Gig” on Facebook and I saw many group like Fiverr Gig Promotion, Fiverr Gig Favorite Exchange & Promotion, Fiverr Gig Promotion USA, etc. In these group, users share Gig link and exchange favorite and promote traffic for Gig. Are they “fake groups” which make account get banned?

yes , these groups are fake, they exchange favorites and views , and some time Reviews.