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Is it allowed to use customer reviews in gig main image

Hi there!

I wanted to know if it is allowed by fiverr to add screenshot of my recent customers reviews in my main gig image?

I don’t see the point if they can see your reviews when looking at your profile.

Your profile already shows your reviews so why would you add them in your gig image? You need to show images related to what you offer in the gig images.

I don’t think anything is wrong with that since the image will be original. But then to what ends? Users can see your reviews if they want to.

You can experiment and see if it’s boost your sales though, nothing bad with a little tweaks.

Gig images need to be related to your service I don’t see any benefit to add them. Fiverr shows reviews in a more creative way below your gig description.

You are right i am having a decline in sales from the past few weeks so i wanted to try and make changes to the gig and see if that helps. Anyway Thanks for the help brother

I just want to test and see if can help grow my sales. As i am having a hard time getting sales consistently. Anyway thank you so much for you help.