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Is it alright to have 2 accounts running on the same modem?


I live with several roomies and I’ve encouraged 1 of them to get started selling on fiverr… but I’m worried it may not be allowed to have to accounts running on the same modem. We don’t use the same computer EVER she owns her own and we never handle each others computer.

Thank you in advance


That’s like saying Facebook won’t let you have more than one person per household to have an account. Of course you can have more than one person on your network using Fiverr.


This is a good question. I know with some other sites if there is an issue with one seller’s account, the site will block other sellers using the same internet connection. I haven’t heard of this with Fiverr, though.


Talk to customer support. Give them the heads up and you should be fine. Just don’t share your PayPal account.


Reply to @matrixdevuk: I appreciate your reply but it’s NOTHING like fb… last I heard FB doesn’t pay people… but thanks for the input. BAD example but nonetheless appreciated.


Reply to @teenytinypress: Thank you for your reply. I think I’m gonna do what @ozzieuk suggested :slight_smile: