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Is it an obligation to write the gig in english?

Im french and i want to offer my gig only to frnch people, can I wrote my gig only in french ?

Anémone K.


Fiverr Terms of Service:

While it doesn’t outright say ‘no’, it is an English-speaking platform first and foremost. Have you researched to find if there are French freelancing sites?


Yes there is a French freelance site, it’s a copy paste from, except that they have done something that many dream about in fiverr: the order (and the time counter) only starts when the requirements have been validated by the seller, who can “refuse” the order without penalties!

and there are all the scammers from the French-speaking countries of the south. We call them “les brouteurs”


I know some french website but I want to propose my gig on fivrr because there is a lot of people.
And I couldnt find any info about the writting languange. Thanks for your info.

I dont know which website you are talking but I know a really good one. But because I dont want to be in only one plateforme and fivrr is well known I want to be there :wink:

Yes you are right, I am subscribing on all the freelance platforms I could find (at least 6 including 4 on wich I made sales).

On the other hand, I discovered that those who go through the French Fiverr site have the possibility of translating into French, but we still have to write everything in English.


May I ask which other freelance sites you have used? I have seen some, such as upwork, but the formats of many other freelance sites seem to require more work than fiverr as they require you t constantly apply to listings…

No I think it’s not correct to name competitors here. But they’re easy to find on Google. My best turnover is still on Fiverr.

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fiverr is a place for international buyers different people around the world will bid so as our international language is English so yes we need to write gig in English but for local local language is enough

According to the Gig Policies:

Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English.


Soo great ! Thanks :wink:

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english is the common language everyone speaks on here. So if you don’t put it in English your cutting of like 90% of your customer base.

If 10% represent 1 000 visits, its fine for me I take it :upside_down_face: