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Is it any problem for my account if I change my Desktop

I want to change my old computer and if I log-in with a new computer, is it harmful to my account.
Please help with your answer.


I have recently changed computers and I have not had any issues. Also, I used to work as a substitute teacher and would check in on my Fiverr account from many different computers in many different schools and I never had any problems. :wink:


No problem to change your desktop. Just be sure that your new desktop isn’t used in another Fiverr account.


just keep remember your password and other info… if you don’t forget it. you can use no problem:dizzy_face:


Thank you! :innocent:

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It is fine to login fiverr account with a new computer. No problem.
But you should be careful about your old computer.
You should keep it safely.
Make sure that nobody (your house hold) never will create or login into another fiverr account. If do so, both account will be disable including yours.

No, It is not harmful at all… :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not good for you. Hopefully you are lucky till now.
But you are really in risky situation ( you have logged in from different computers which is not yours)
Can you ensure that anybody else will not login into fiverr account with those computers in future?
If you can, then you are fine. No problem.
But if anytime someone else will create or login with different fiverr account into those computers, then both account will be disable including yours.

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I dont think that would be an issue.