Is it bad if you report too many people?


I know the title sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been getting an average of two to three spam messages a day over the last week or so, and have promptly reported them all. Does it reflect badly on the user to report messages every day?


Yup i think so…my ranking tank and sales for these 2 mths all from old clients(IT TRUE)

Maybe coincident? But after complaining to CS and reported some of the suspicious buyers… this had happened to me :frowning:


Oh no :hushed: I’m sorry to hear that this is happening to you.
The Fiverr algorithm is so mysterious though…you never know what will happen next. Which is unfortunate for us sellers.
I haven’t actually reached out to CS before, although I did report all the TOS violating ones I received. So many people just have no idea that you’re not supposed to message people asking for orders…


I would really hope not! Because of blooming spammers my response rate is at 90%. In this case, if I can respond to spam as it comes in, I send YOU ARE REPORTED FOR SPAMMING before reporting the message itself. If there was a rule about reporting or even being rude to such people I should, therefore, have been slapped on the wrist by now.


Thanks for sharing! Alas, I want to sass them out, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy for that :joy:
I don’t understand how these people think that messaging successful sellers is the way to go. Do they look at level 2 sellers like you and think that they’re going to buy their services?


I don’t even try to understand the motives. From every angle, spamming is just silly and wrong. You will get a headache trying to figure out why people do it. Just keep hitting the report button and try not to let it get to you.


I get a lot of “help me” messages from new sellers, never reported anyone, just reply “no” in one post, which takes care of the response rate and forget about. As for spam, Fiverr takes care of it automatically. I have only reported one person so far, who talked about the things he would do to my wife in Hindi. (No, I don’t have one.) Well, that’s about it.


I got one the other day who was angrily chastising me for (supposedly) “preying on mentally inferior people and making money off them and getting rich” so I blocked him. I haven’t had one of these in at least a year now. Later I got curious and looked at his gigs and he
has made a copy of one of my gigs, along with the rest of his own gigs for doing proofreading and editing! :roll_eyes: When they do this, they are always someone who wants to copy me or who tries to do what I do only not successfully. It’s not the first time one has done this who has his own gigs like mine but gets no orders, or has just started.


That’s funny, because the guy who abused my “wife” also has his own article writing gig and considers himself an experienced writer with 5 years of experience :joy:


I have reported few people, mostly of them they were spamming with some websites.

And of course, there are new sellers asking for work, some of them are ok, but some are just annoying asking multiple times so you really have no option not to report them.

And I never know if report actually works or not. Sometimes when I report people, message pops up that user can’t message you anymore, but yet he/she keeps message me.


Well, I just got one seller who asked me to translate a text. (63 words) She said it was a test, she was looking for qualified people to help her. I find it suspicious.
I asked her why she wanted me to do this, she said " she wanted us to work together". ( she actually made a mistake when writing that sentence in French, which is quite bad, given that she is supposed to do proofreading!
Anyway, I declined. I don’t make tests for free!


I’m sensing a bad case of sour grapes going on in the cases mentioned by writer99025 and misscrystal…

@arty182925 Yeah, I reported someone for continuously messaging me about buying their services and they’re still up and running. No idea how effective it actually is.

@katchakatia Sometimes I do really short “tests” for free (or, more commonly, send samples), but have yet to meet a seller who’s trying to get me to do work for free.

Sometimes I do just end up giving the service-spamming sellers a warning, but generally when I’m feeling irritated from sleep deprivation (most of the time) I just report them. Maybe I should stop? :confused: