Is it bad luck?


I am always trying to give my best service to buyer, but somehow some of buyer gave 3 star or 1 star review, even they didn’t know what that’s star mean, some of buyer take there delivery and told “not satisfied give more service or i will give you negative” i didn’t know what is mean that, is it bad luck?


they’re just being mean =((


I read that you should always add a line like this when you deliver your order: "If you have any questions or comments about your order, please let me know. If you are happy with my work, please leave 5 star feedback."

I’ve only been on Fiverr a couple of months but I’ve gotten 5 stars on every order so far.

Hope that helps!



Reply to @newseason29: thanks for your comments, but the problem is all buyer are not same,


It is bad luck , Though as a newbie buyer I can say without a doubt adding the line newseason placed up would certainly help reduce confusion with newbie buyers.

Nothing will help you get 5 star rating from Nasties so its best you try and guide your newbies into rating you higher to ensure that recommended seller status or something like that… im new last thing I bought I rated 5 stars but then even that seller didn’t exactly let me know that was a good thing.

Tip to sellers if someone rates you highly it would be polite to reply and say “thanks for rating me 5 stars your awesome.” or maybe just "thankyou great working with you"

just my 2 cents as a buyer.


We cannot say for sure but some people have pretty high standards I guess. I personally think a 3 stars, though not negative, impacts your gig’s reputation. In such cases, maybe you could try asking why the customer decided to give out a 3 stars. If you offer a refund and the customer accepts, that would get those low scores off of your gig. However, and I stress this, if you get are getting quite a few of these 1-3 stars ratings, there is definitely something off about your service/deliveries. If so, try to find out what it is and make changes accordingly.


I think it depends on the service and the overall delivery and execution. I never ask my clients to rate me. Because it makes me feel like I’m begging for their reviews. Which many people just prefer not to write them.

I do agree with the above listed comment about letting them know they can contact you if you have any questions. Revisions are a part of the territory here, so if you are open to it. You’ll be able to open yourself up to a few more opportunities to improve service.

Hope that helps!


I agree with @newseason29 firstly you need to provide the quality services to client with great communication when you deliver ask for anything needed and also ask for 5 star review. same with now i have completed 29 days here but have great review all are 5 star because i response to client very fast provide service before delivery time.

one more thing communication is the way to get more and more business keep working hard and quality you will get 5 stars.

Thank You


Good communication definitely makes all of the difference. Last night I took on an order that I shouldn’t have. Long story short, I thought that I could do the extras that the buyer was looking for, but I couldn’t do everything. I spent several wasted hours on the gig and didn’t deliver everything that they wanted.

I kept in touch with him the whole time, was really honest on what I couldn’t deliver on and how much time I spent on the gig. He gave me 5 stars based on my effort and communication. I learned a lesson, don’t promise something outside of your gig description unless you are 100% sure you can deliver!