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Is it bad to make constantly changes on my gig?

Hello there,

I’m trying to improve my gig and I have constantly new ideas as i read here how to improve it. So I made couples changes in the portfolio and the pricing mostly. I would like to know is it bad this or no? Does it take my gig to worse place in the pages. Please help?

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Ranking takes time almost 48 hours or so. Wait for 3 to 4 days after making changes or make changes 2 times a week then see results.

This is a great question! I wish I had an answer here, because I’d love to know if there’s data on this. From my experience, it usually doesn’t earn me any more or less traffic when I make changes to my gigs. I do make changes often for the same reasons you do it sounds like. I think to make sure you’re competing at a high level on the platform, you’ve got to be constantly innovating and enhancing the presentation of what you have to offer. Thanks for posting a great question! I wish I had more insight for you.