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Is it better to be focusing on short projects instead of longer ones as a writer?

I have two gigs on my profile. One is for ghostwriting ( with the intention of serving long-written books or novels, and the other one is for shorter proof-reading gigs ( Now, the ghostwriting gig is my primary one and I’ve had it for a long time before creating the other one, so it is natural that that would be the more popular one. But I’ve thought this often, since most of the gigs that I see on the front page of the marketplace offer very short write-ups, is that more beneficial in terms of money/time? I usually get messages for orders on my first gig, but most of these are requests for smaller works.
Just wanted to know from anyone who has a similar writing gig if this has worked for them in the long run, or if I should switch to offering shorter write-ups like articles or short stories. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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That’s a good question, and I’m sorry you hadn’t received any feedback on it before now. I’ll admit I don’t have anything in the ‘writing’ category, but this is something I’ve pondered. How much of it is the Fiverr marketplace? How does that reflect on actual demand? Which is the better market segment to pursue? Is Fiverr too mired in short and shallow services in the writing category?

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Hope you don’t mind the tagging, but this gent has an interesting question. (Also, I haven’t had my coffee yet, so if I’m out-of-line, sorry.)

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You could split it into chapters or a certain number of chapters so it’s not a full novel or non-fiction book in one order. Maybe showing your different prices for different things (eg. type/genre of book, length of book) might help or creating packages for different lengths of book/different word counts.

I think in Fiverr stats & evaluations that shorter duration services are better, in that the stats would be less negatively affected by a cancellation etc. if you’re getting a lot of other orders rather than a low number of big orders.

No issues! It was just a trivial question that I had back then. Thanks for responding and trying to bring attention to it , anyway. :smiley:

I did think that was the case. Since then, I removed my other gig and just left the one and kept it as one package gig. I usually work with custom offers anyway, so I think this is a more fitting way to do it. Also, since I work with custom offers, I have no issues taking in both long-term and short-term works.