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Is it better to have a "live action" rather than an animated gig video?


For a while I was in the top 5 in the search results of my category (British female VO), and would get 6+ orders per day. I had the LSATs coming up which I needed to study for, so I raised my prices to get fewer orders. I was eventually bumped off the first page, and now get MUCH fewer orders- and freelancing is my only source of income so I’m starting to struggle.

I was wondering whether it would help to change my gig video. It’s the one I’ve had since I first started working on fiverr. It’s an animated video I made, and the quality is a little lacking and doesn’t really do my services justice, as I made it before upgrading my microphone and getting more experience etc.

So my question is: in your opinion, does a gig seem more “clickable”/professional etc with a live action video, or is an animated video just as good? I’m basically trying to decide between creating an animated gig video again, or filming a “live action” one (though I’m quite camera shy); so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

(I’m not really looking for advice like “apply to do buyer requests!” or “promote your gig on social media!”, I know about those things, I’m just asking about how to improve the gig itself)


I think nothing wrong with your vdeo right now. Since I joined to Fiverr, I’ve hired 2 VO artists and I was interested only in their voices in the first place, after that I checked the prices and the description and finally the reviews. The crucial point was their voices not their GIG images or videos.

To answer your question; Both can be perfect! Assuming both are good quality equally.


Just a small observation:
I think upping the price was a pretty good move. However, in my opinion, increasing the delivery time would have been a better strategy, especially considering you had plans to bounce back once you were done with your exams.

I don’t think having one or the other would make a significant difference. The video you have right now is pretty good, in my opinion.


Thank you both for the feedback!