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Is it better to start Fiverr career with an SEO gig?

Recently I have started my Fiverr career with some of SEO gigs . Is it right decision ? or I should do any thing else? I confused because although I have some great SEO gigs but still don’t get any order. Very few sellers take the whole market place. Non of the buyers come to new sellers.

You’ve got 2 gigs - why not add some more?
What are you doing that more established sellers aren’t?
Why should sellers by from you?
You’re an SEO and video SEO specialist - can you use these skills to get more traffic to your gigs?


The best way to get orders is by you promoting your gigs outside fiverr, and also using the buyer request session to bid for projects. Most of the time, you’ll need to reduce your price tags in order to win some offers (buyer request) and have good ratings and reviews and as many as you could get.


Yes that is right decision
1:I checked your gigs its good but if you are able to deliver your work in less than 7 or 10 days thats will be great then the buyers will be motivated to order you.
2:Write your profile description and gig description more attractive.
3:Create more gigs.
4: Send buyer requests daily
And Check out this links of fiverr academy


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Did you know that seo backlinks need to create slowly @wallus_designs

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I don’t know Because i am a designer if its creates slowly than ok but it will be better for you if you read the topics in fiverr academy and also promote your gigs in social media by sharing your gigs.

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