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Is it Bug or Issue

I hope you all are well!

I’m facing issues related to response rate 3 days before a unknow seller inbox me on fiver and ask me Heart exchange :frowning: I can’t give any reply just block that seller after 2 hours I see my response go 100% to 97% why? How we deal with this kind of situation. I read his message but can’t reply!


I am also facing same issue :frowning:


What is a Review stands for , and who can give it to you? :thinking:

Sorry heart exchange :slight_smile:

@jigraphicexpert, This is how to get and give Reviews, you can not exchange it on your own.
Buyer and Seller Reviews

To maintain the integrity and quality of our marketplace, we ask both sellers and buyers to provide their reviews after each order. It’s important that these reviews are honest and independent of any outsider pressures, giving both buyers and sellers a chance to learn from candid and thoughtful reviews.

How Fiverr Reviews Work

  • The buyer has 10 days to leave reviews once the order is marked as complete.
  • Once the buyer leaves a review, you will receive a notification and can leave your own review.
    Note: You cannot yet see the buyer’s review at this stage.
  • Once both the seller and buyer have completed their review or the 10 days have passed, both reviews will be made public.
  • Reviews about the buyer will only appear in the buyer’s profile.
  • Once reviews have been made public, they cannot be changed.
  • If you do not review a buyer within the 10-day period, you will not be able to add a new review for that order.
  • If you feel that a review left by a user is abusive, a result of a technical error, or violates our Terms of Service, please contact our Customer Support team.

Responding to Buyer Reviews

After both you and the buyer leave a review on the order (or after 10 days), you have the opportunity to respond to the buyer’s review and explain your side in case of any misunderstanding. This will appear under the buyer’s review in your Gig page.

Note: You can only respond once to the buyer’s feedback. The response cannot be changed or edited unless it violates the values of our community.

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Just ignore them, do not block if it affects your response rate.

Yes that’s the issue if i can’t reply them then fiver site mark this message unread even i clicked on it or read it

When someone spam you, only reply them with hi then block them, it will not decrease your response time.


And second one if buyer give us review and we wan’t give any review to buyer! Is it automatically public in our gig?

Yes that was work :slight_smile:

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Yes, if you do not review your buyer, the buyer review will be public after 10 days.


Great and thank you. If you free then just give me last reply.

1 month ago buyer message me but fiver automatically mark his message as spam and this message can’t show me on mobile when open website then this message on spam category and my response rate again decrease.

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Read this and this

And this

It’s all written there. You do not need to ask forum for advices that are available to everyone. Just spend some minutes with reading.

Good luck!


blavaro thank you for help but this is very easy to learn about user experience rather then articles :slight_smile:

I understand.

What I want to say is that you get the same or even better and solid answers on Fiverrs FAQ or Help sections.

The forum might help you with interpretation if not sure.


Yes that’s the issue in this article written you do not need to reply spam message it will not effect on your response rate! But last month I faced same issue my response rate decreased.

very sad :expressionless:

Well, I read “Spam and solicitations do not require responses. Instead, you can report them to our team.”
Note: Spam must be reported within 24 hours.

That means you do not need to reply “Thank you, bla bla bla”, just press the red flag button Report and that’s it.

Thank you much Blavaro!

No problem, good luck!

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