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Is it common for a seller to

Hi there, I am very new to using fiverr. While waiting on a logo to be designed I decided to get an akashic records reading. I made a request as I didnt see what I was looking for and chose a buyer who i thought would be good for the job. My request was for a detailed reading (however noobie mistake i made no mention of a word count or anything leaving the word “detailed” to be interpreted I guess).

I received my order on time but it is a vague 56 word “reading” that gave little info, including that I had black magic around me. Disappointed I accepted the delivery as I felt really bad to say her reading succckkkckcks… after i accepted it she then sends me a message saying that she said “Dear if you need magical ring or bangle to fulfill your wish you can order. That will break black magic effect and break all hindrances”

is this normal for sellers to do this?

I blame myself really…buyer beware…i dont seem to have much luck on this site at all


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This might be helpful: <-- with filters applied

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As a person who sells Digital Web Services, I can’t comment on services of the type you mentioned. I would really inform myself before ordering an akashic record reading and I would definitely look for some professionalism. With all honesty, in your shoes I would probably feel scammed, because all this “Black magic” and then “I can break it” speaks for itself.
I always recommend buyers to pay attention at communication. That’s the crucial part where professionalism can be spot on. I always show portfolio of my previous work to my potential clients and I explain them what to expect.
If the seller in your case can seem unprofessional, at them same time you should have informed yourself better.
I invite you to pay attention as this website is full of freelancers and I am sorry that some bad experiences can hide those who work really hard to satisfy their clients.
Best regards!

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One message can be overlooked, but if the seller keeps messaging you, you can report them for spam and block them.


thanks so much for linking that for me, I will check it out

thank you, she did not seem unprofessional when we spoke before hand. Good to know there are some great sellers on here. I may become one some day myself. This experience will guide me on what type of quality not to deliver someone lol.

good to know, I think i going to brush up on my fiverr TOS for sure

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