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Is it common to get messages asking to video chat?

Hi all

i keep getting members message me to co-op and offering $100-$150 per month but first need whats app or other voice over video chats to hear the offer…

is this a common occurrence in fiverr community?
is it ok that i am reporting and blocking? or is it legit?

let me know what everyone else does in this situation…


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No it’s not common and not allowed. Just say “no” and then use the report button to report them. Do not converse with them. They want to engage you as a victim for some kind of scam.


ok thanks for that
yeh i usually stop the convo once i figure it out…

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A big part of this is learning to weed out the time wasters like those, of which there are many.

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They typically try that with new, inexperienced sellers (and then those who fall for it get banned, because contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden).

If they had something legit to say, they’d just say it in the inbox. Or, if they’re not good at explaining themselves in writing, they’d record a message and send that in your inbox.