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Is it common to give buyer our master file?

Im new in fiverr (as a designer). I provide a simple video with template for basic gig and im not gonna share the master file to buyer, because it is my core product. Is that not common? The buyer didnt state that he need it when we make a deal, and now he mocking me. hahhaah.

Buyer have a use licence, they can use my final design everywhere they want. But not to use my master file, because i make design from that master file for every customer.

I want to know, is it common to give buyer our master file (for poster or video)??

Thank you

Hello, it’s up to you what you do with the master file. If you are not selling that then simply tell the buyer that is not part of the offer you are selling.


Don’t share your master file if not intended by your gig. If the buyer still forces you, raise a complaint against them.
Buyers are just looking to juice you out and take everything in as least amount as they can.

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If the Delivery Box mentions to upload the master files then you have to upload it, that’s how the order will be fully delivered otherwise it will be partially delivered and you will then get warning and maybe banned. When customer purchase something, they also owns the rights of the final product. So why would you not share a master file? You cannot do anything with it. Neither use it in other project nor resell it. So how about just give them the master file?

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Yes, it’s common because they might need it.

When you commission a design, you want access to that original file because you may need it. What if you need to change the dimensions? What if you need to adapt the file contents when you change the project?

As possession of the original file makes it more valuable and flexible for the client, you can raise your rate to include it. I’m just not sure why you don’t understand why a client would want it. There’s nothing nefarious about that and it’s pretty standard for commissioned design work.

In any case, before purchase it needs to be clear if the master file is included. If that isn’t clear, then you don’t owe it to the seller.

Giving up a master file for a project shouldn’t matter to you because it only pertains to that client and their project, anyway. If you’re afraid the client will just adapt the file for future use so they don’t have to hire you again or distribute the file to friends or something, unfortunately that comes with the territory for commissions with master files and this is why you need to charge more to include them.

And if you’re worried about buyers losing incentive to purchase from you or recommend you if they have your master file, then you need to focus on creating things that are NOT so significantly template-based. Give people a reason to hire you again with wonderful content that would be hard for them to repurpose. Easily repurposed template content isn’t necessarily that valuable, but if it takes me, as a buyer, a lot of time to repurpose a master, that itself would be reason to hire you again. People are busy and like to save time without compromising quality.


I think all graphic design gigs I bought here had an extra to purchase if one wants the source file, or a package that included it. In some case, I didn’t need it, so I didn’t buy it, in other cases, I knew I might need it, so I bought the extra for it. (Take note of the “I knew” here, you can’t count on all buyers knowing stuff related to your gig, so you better be clear and mention things, even if you think, everyone should know, that’s often not the case, as pros, we are so involved in “our thing” that we sometimes forget that what’s clear to us might not be to others.)

It’s nothing nefarious to want a source file but it’s nothing nefarious either to charge for it, and from what I’ve seen, it’s very common, yes.
What’s not common though, is, to not give a customer the option to buy the source file as an extra or within a more expensive package because in many if not most or all cases, a file that can’t be edited, won’t be of much/any use, depending on what a buyer wants to do with it.

Some people only want to place a small order at first too, to check if they’d be fine with the result/the experience of working with that seller, i.e. place a test order (which is what many people on the forum advise unhappy buyers to do, by the way), and for that, a very basic offer without source files probably would do fine, it did for me on one occasion.

However, if you don’t want to include your source file in your basic/any offer, make sure that your gig is very clear about what a buyer will get when they purchase from you to not leave room for misunderstandings, and if you want to offer the source file with any or all of your gig tiers, ideally explain why they might/probably will need it sooner or later, so they are keenly aware of not being able to change the size if they don’t buy the gig extra or the package that includes the source file, for example.

Of course, many people don’t seem to read before they buy, and especially with gigs of the 3-tier setup (basic/standard/premium), you’ll get people who want and expect the standard or premium offer which might include the source file but pay for the basic offer which might not. That can’t be helped, though, beyond making it as clear as only possible in your gig setup, unless you offer it with all packages, with the according price you’d want for it.


Thank you all for the opinion.
I never mention that i will give him RAW version or my master file (in the gig description or in personal chat). So, im not obligated to give it to him.

And yeah, i make the video with my own template, customer need to choose what they want, its not so custome-able gig for the basic. Thats why i wont share my RAW version or master file.

Thank you everyone, i will mention this to all my future buyer. Have a good day!

well this buyer even want me to make a sample for him first for free he said as a test - and i give him. hahaha,
we already cancel the order since he want it, and i already give him all the design that he want. hahahhaa,

next time I will be more detail to inform the buyer. :slight_smile:

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Never make samples for free - this is sadly a common scam on fiverr. ONLY do work after a gig has been put through :slight_smile:


Make sure to be as detailed as possible not just when talking to a buyer, though, but also in your gig package titles, short descriptions and long description, because people can and do order without talking to you, so your gig should already make everything they need to know clear to them before they buy.

Good luck with this and future orders and with hopefully only buyers who read what they are buying before they do, or will be responsive and positive about order extras sent after the fact. :slight_smile:


I will always remember this.

Why would you cancel the order? You did the design if buyer wanted something more that’s not included it’s not your problem. You should be paid for your work.


he said not useable if i dont give him master/RAW file and not mentioned it before (well, i never stated that i will give him the RAW file before and after making a deal and he never ask it before we make a deal).

and he talk in rude manner with me when i said i wont give him the RAW file hahhaha, dont know why he talk like that and mocking my english skill hahahah, i dont want this to be more complicated.

I learn a lot from this un-successfull gig :slight_smile:

Well then that’s your choice.

I would’ve report his behaviour to CS as this is highly unprofessional and send him a screenshot of the offer and what was included in the offer.