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Is it common to have a seller block you?

I do apologize if this is not the correct topic for this forum, for I just am a little disappointed and a little dejected from my first experience on fiverr. The seller messaged me with delight, saying he would look over a script of mine, which was a fairly medium sized voiceover script for a little art project. But after a couple of hours, I get a messaged that told me “Sorry, I don’t do this kind of work, best of luck”, and a message popping up that I cannot message this creator. I feel saddened that I wasn’t able to explain anything regarding my work, or if the seller had limitations I wasn’t aware of. I feel guilty, to be honest.

Once again, I apologise if this isn’t the correct topic to post in.


Oh you shouldn’t feel guilty at all! That happens and to be honest your seller was polite and most likely he just didn’t want to go through “explaining curve and reject you one more time if it’s still something not in his scope”

Don’t worry at all, just move on to another seller that will tell you that they can totally do this :wink:


The seller was polite, and they were a very chill person! It was just the shock of just seeing that one was blocked over it, and I couldn’t even do a “Ah, that’s fine, thanks for considering” or something along those lines. It was a startle, that’s all

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I’ve had the experience of saying that as a seller to a buyer and in return being met with getting blocked myself. Maybe he had a similar experience. It’s not something you should take personally as there is no telling why he did that.

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It is a bit odd. What if you have a different project you need help with that he offers a service for? They just lost a potential customer.

I do understand blocking rude buyers, like I have done a few times, but that’s a different story. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It is unusual, it’s not common for sellers to block buyers for that. Then again, maybe your project was something that went against their beliefs, or maybe the seller had awful experiences in the past (as in, they politely tell someone that they can’t help them, and then get a string of endless “but whyyyy” messages, or worse).


If it was something the seller wouldn’t have been comfortable doing due to their beliefs, morals or such, or if it was something they thought might go against Fiverr’s policies, they might have been afraid that you would still order their gig directly after they said no and blocked you to a void that.

There are sellers who have made that experience, telling someone they can’t or don’t want to work with them but that person still ordered. Then, the seller would have to cancel the order and might take a hit to their rating, ranking etc.

I hope that helps you understand this better, it was probably not anything you did wrong, unless you sent them something that would violate Fiverr’s terms, if a project looks as if it might be someone’s homework, for example, sellers will be wary.

Perhaps mention what your art project is about when you first contact a seller, that will save both sides time if they wouldn’t want to work with you for any reason.

I don’t think it’s common behaviour, unless it’s something that would violate Fiverr’s terms and/or the seller’s ethics.
I’ve had to say no to a couple of things because they were against Fiverr’s terms as well as I wouldn’t have wanted to do them anyway, and it’s safest to block the buyer then to not risk them ordering your gig anyway.

Sorry to hear this was your first experience anyway but if it was due to the seller’s own beliefs or ethics without being something that’s against Fiverr’s ToS, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a seller, just perhaps tell them some more details before you’d send them the script.


I’m a voice-over artist here on Fiverr. I will politely decline work I don’t feel comfortable doing, or that’s beyond the scope of what I offer. It really depends how you worded your request, and what you requested. I almost always block potential buyers who:

  1. want controversial or ■■■■■■ voice-overs. I don’t want to be associated with that or have it show up in my portfolio; thus there is no need to talk further with someone if that’s what their project is all about.
  2. Buyers who sound overly demanding and/or cheap. If they want me to record a 10 minute narration for $5, they may not realize that it takes hours of recording and editing — if they tell me their budget is only $5 and their project is huge, I can’t / won’t help them, so I’ll politely decline and block as we have nothing more to discuss.

The reason for the “block” is that even if you reply “ok thanks”, it screws up our “response rate” which contributes to our Seller Level. You can say “ok thanks” but if we don’t reply, the Fiverr algorithm notes that our response rate is low. So we’re better off reporting you as spam or blocking, just to protect our seller level. Alternatively, we can keep pushing you for the sale or keep replying until you order or stop replying :-).


I recently blocked a buyer after informing them I wasn’t the right fit for the project. It seemed they needed something urgently and I was booked solid with 3 other projects. The following day they message me back asking if I’m finished yet and I stated I will be busy for about a week. Next day they sent the same message and I just ignored them. Next day I get a message from them asking me why i’m still asleep when it’s 6 pm local time. BLOCKED


You could have told them not to message you for at least the coming week?
I think they were eager to hire you and didn’t have good manners. The question about you being asleep shows they were too rude and uncouth to deal with though. I would have blocked them too.

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Not true. For the response rate, only the first response to a new inquiry counts. You don’t have to have the last word.


Sometimes that nasty clock appears from nowhere even on the chat with one of my regular customers.

About blocking the buyers, there are many different cases.
I had a customer, who would write me in the middle of the night to translate something in 2 hours. Even though Fiverr shows my status, that person would send 20 “are you there?” messages.
Another case is about reviews. I don’t really like to work with people, who are satisfied with everything, but leave 3-4 stars promising me to place new orders soon. Such reviews ruin stats of new gigs.


So they’d sent you a message before in the inbox (that you’d replied to), not just ordered/messaged on the order page?

It’s probably a bug if it shows the clock next to their message in the inbox when you’d already replied to a previous message of theirs in the inbox. If you see it you could screenshot it to report it to CS.

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That happens to me too all the time! So I’ve dropped from a level 2 down to no level numerous times because of people who message in the middle of the night. Also it appears on my end that I had to have the last word or else the little red clock shows up :/. Thought that was normal.

If it happens again (on a message thread in the inbox where you’ve already responded once) you could report it to CS as a bug.

I’d imagine it is often the case where sellers aren’t aware that only the first message counts for response rate so they think blocking will save them.

In other cases, there have been lots of posts about how buyers have messaged, been told that the seller doesn’t offer that service etc and then the buyer goes ahead and orders anyway which then ends up in a cancellation - which affects seller stats negatively.


I have many customers, who send 2 words in a message.
For example:
I have a new task
Are you available?

Many times that clock would appear next to the last message. I will take a screenshot next time, but it’s something that happens once in a while.

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It would appear next to the last message if you haven’t replied to any of them from that buyer yet. If it appears when you’ve already replied to that buyer once in the inbox, then it’s probably a bug. If you screenshot it you can show us or CS to report it in a support ticket.

Or they were posting at the same time as the buyer, and the system haven’t caught up yet. In that case it probably would take more than one message to the buyer for the red clock to disappear.

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I thought blocking is not possible at all. How does one block a buyer/seller?