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Is it cool to use country names as prefix to usernames?

Does this really mater in order to get clients? Or alternatively, is this a turn off for buyers?


Once you have joined Fiverr, you cannot change your user name, so at this point, unless you want to delete your account and start fresh, I would say it is a moot point.

Also, I do not think to have your country name first would matter to clients unless you offer service from a country where certain services are sought. I proofread, and many buyers want proofreaders to be from the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia.

What is up with your profile picture? On the main site it is of a lovely young woman and here it is of a guy?


Thank you for your response.

Regarding the picture. She is someone dear to me so so I just put her picture there.


Though putting someone else’s picture in the profile image might be against the terms of service - the bit about “Authentic Fiverr Profile”.


Ooh… Thanks @uk1000

Though I don’t see why that should be an issue since the account is already verified. I do see some sellers using some sort of “banner” as a profile picture. I have been wondering if fiverr is ever cool with that too

Yes you can use a banner or logo or something as long as you own the copyrights to it.

This is the help section for that:

It says:

Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.


  • Do not use images from the web.
  • Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
  • Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
  • Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image.

Technically saying “unique and real” - the real bit sounds like they want a real photo but they only say they “recommend” uploading an picture of yourself and there’s plenty of sellers that use images like logos or drawn images.

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Thank you for the clarification

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I use a chibi image of myself. However, on my main gig, I use an imge of the real me.