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Is it dangerous to deliver before clicking deliver?


I know, the title sounds a little bit weird. I want to know, that if (as a seller) I send a buyer his/her product before I click “deliver,” can that be dangerous? I couldn’t think of any way that I could lose money unless the order was somehow cancelled.

I know that’s what revisions are for. But in this scenario, what if I need the buyer to download a possibly complete application just to make sure it’s working correctly? (Without wasting a revision.) Is there any way they can “steal” it? (Or is it better just to use a revision?)

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it is dangerous, because the only way would be to do this via a message outside of the order. The buyer could walk away with it and even cancel the order for some weird reasons. If you want to prevent a potential nightmare, don’t do that. Just waste revision.


Okay. Thanks for the help. Although, I do believe I can send files directly in the order conversation. I will keep this in mind for the future.


It is dangerous for you the either way.
As you are providing applications, I don`t think fiverr has any safety feature for you like it has watermarks for videos and images. The only best way for you will be to add a small snippet of one-time run application code as a security for yourself.


Yes, you are right. My bad, but be careful anyway.


So “revisions” are a funny thing on Fiverr. You won’t waste a revision if they can’t open the file because it’s not like Fiverr closes the order after the buyer requests a revision. A buyer can constantly ask for modifications to be made and it’s up to the seller to put their foot down and say “no, you got your revision, no more.” It’s one of the ways Fiverr sort of intimidates sellers into providing more work for pushy buyers – big red Xs and “rejected” and “late” and constant little reminders “Don’t bother reading this message, get to work! Deliver on time! Go! Go!” that make new sellers work for nothing. So there’s no such thing as wasting revisions – you create and hand them out as you like.

Delivering in messages means you’ve given them the work and the order hasn’t even been marked as completed. The buyer can just walk away, cancel the order for no reason, or start heckling your work until you agree to cancel… then they use your work without permission.

Instead, deliver with the appropriate delivery method. If they can’t open it, they’ll tell you and then you tell them it won’t waste a revision. But don’t tell the buyer they may not be able to open it! They may use this as a means to cancel the order and use your work anyway. I’ve seen other sellers discuss this on the forum. Seller does work, buyer claims they can’t open it, buyer cancels. It could be that the buyer is incompetent, sure, but it seems likely that buyers would take advantage in this way, especially with new sellers.

If you want to check that your buyer can open the file, don’t send the delivery, send the same file type of something else as a tester (in fact, if you do this gig frequently, having a tester file for this purpose is a great idea). That can be sent on messages and the buyer can confirm they can open the file. You can even do this at the beginning of an order, so if a buyer can’t open the file type you can cancel the order immediately (before doing the work) or you can find another file type or other solution.


Once you deliver they have the right to review. So yeah, you risk getting a negative review.


For me personally, It would be depending on who is the buyer. If the buyer is my loyal buyer who I have built my trust with, I would not have to worry about it.


That is a very impressive, intelligent answer!


You r right…I agree with you.


The order won’t be counted as delivered until you click on “deliver” even if you upload the files on the order conversation. This counted as a conversation and not as an actual delivery


Yes,it’s dangerous…Any way to steal?? Yes, you can add a watermark for example your profile,so the buyer can’t use it even the order cancelled… :wink:


I would consider any delivery outside of the official delivery system set by fiverr as dangerous.


Yes! Never wait on a buyer, make the buyer wait on you. That means you deliver and hope he doesn’t request a modification.


If it is a small $5-$10 order, just deliver it before you click deliver if that makes you feel better. It’s unlikely that your buyer will try to cheat such a small amount and they do need a very valid reason to cancel.

The best recommendation though, is to click deliver and then send them the product, but tell them to inform you if the application isn’t working properly and you will make the changes. You can always adjust the number of revisions for your gig if you’re afraid that your buyers think they may run out of revisions before getting the finished product.


Yes watch out with it.

The buyer can cancel your order when you send it and not deliver the order…


@tonywfilm, delivering outside would be against ToS unless it was a situation that required an easy non-contact method delivery like DropBox. However, I think @ninjanic here was talking about sending the file as an attachment via the inbox. That isn’t a ToS violation. It’s has other risks, like other users said. I would do it anytime for a regular buyer that I trusted, but I wouldn’t risk it with a new buyer or someone known to be finicky.


@fonthaunt is sending attachments (order related) within the order conversation a violation of TOS?


@chicagowriter No. You can send order related attachments via the inbox or the order page. It could be risky, just like people describe in this thread, but it’s fine to do so. What would be a violation is if the attachment itself contained information that you shouldn’t be sending, like a URL to your ebay page or your personal email address.


Here is my two cents. We can talk left and right about procedures and when to put your foot down and when you shoudl use a watermark,etc… But in the end, its really about trust and building relationships. I’ve send proofs and ‘finished’ products to clients without hitting delivery and have rarely had a problem because I had already established a relationship with the client. Remember guys and gals, We are NOT in a product business, we are truly in a relationship business. Will you get bad clients every once in a while no matter what you do. YES. Should it force you to go into defense mode and make sure you a stickler for rules? I hope not. Rules are important, but rules truly exist because we have stopped truly tying to get to know and build relationships with people. I still do handshake deals for many of my non fiverr business even for multi thousand dollar gigs. Has it come back to bite me. Every once in a while it has. BUT, that type of relationship with people has brought me more business than I will ever lose with the bad ones. Hope that helps