Is it easy or hard to get a job now on Fiverr than past?


Hello friends,

I am a level two seller on fiverr. I think these days it’s little bit hard to get a job on fiverr. But not at all. Some days I receive bulk jobs. But not some days.

So my question is "Is it easy or hard to get a job now on Fiverr than past?"

Just share what you feel about this.


LUCKY :slight_smile:


It is easier for new sellers to get a job than before few months. And it is fairly harder for old sellers to get orders. I have been here for over a year now and in the begining I had many orders and many more views on my gigs. Nowadays I can be happy if I get an inquiry message…


@reufko yeah same here. I also had lots of orders before. But these days I’m not happy with the orders. Don’t know what’s the reason. :frowning:


I’m noticing that as well. I used to get at least 2-3 orders a week, but now I’ll be happy if I even see one. My impressions and views are up, so I guess I just have too much competition.


Try to promote your gigs more outside fiverr to get people to you gigs


Lots of people want the best deal for money… so they compare with multiple people. Hence, it is pretty difficult as sales deplete and nobody gives about your Gig. Ironically I am doing the same services locally and I get faster response + inquiries, so i guess it depends on how much $$ u can spend to market your products and services.


i’m new to fiverr. I joined yesterday. Don’t know much about fiverr. But hope to do great job.


It will be harder as more newbies joining the party. But hey, date joined and number of reviews as well as portfolio are equally important too when buyers looking/comparing of services.


@logo_design_ace can you propose the best way for outside promotion?


yes fiverr is not like as it was in past! its really hard to get orders now!

even it is hard to get buyer request all days i am waiting for buyer requests but ! no luck! …