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Is it efficent to make multiple gigs?

Hi, im new here so my gig doesnt appear on the first pages of my cathegory and i was wondering if making multiple identical gigs would really help me get to a bigger audience? it doesnt seem to me that it would work because they would all end up in the last pages, but i just wanna be sure.

i would also really appreciate it if some of you would check out my gig and tell me what can i improve in it;

Thank You!


Being new doesnt really mean that your gigs are to appear in last pages, if you browse through categories you will come across many new sellers on first page. The key is to provide excellent service on your orders ie quality, quick service, courtesy and professional attitude.
Try to diversify your services for example if you are an artist you may consider providing concept art illustration, portrait illustration , pet portraits, family portraits.
Diversify your services to maximize your reach. In simplest term probability of showing up in search with one gig is much lesser as compared to showing in search with multiple services.
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You are not allowed to make identical gigs.

Have a look at other gigs in your category for ideas.


It ain’t necessary that if you’re new, your gigs would show up in the latter pages. It depends on the kind of image your profile portrays of your work that would attract clients. And if everything related to that is in order then you’ll soon be having orders and yes, it is better if you make multiple gigs. You never know what catchy headline or a different way to express your work would attract a client. So, yes, making multiple gigs helps. However, the topic of those gigs can be same, the content inside them shouldn’t be.
Hope this helps.
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Hi @manalkgomez,

As @lloydsolutions already mentioned, it is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to create multiple identical gigs. It you do that, Fiverr will issue a ToS warning and you might get your account suspended/banned before you even begin your Fiverr journey. Creating identical gigs will not help you get a bigger audience. On the contrary, it will only help get your account banned.

Please, please go through the ToS (liked in this post) carefully from top to bottom. The ToS details all the Do’s and Don’ts of this platform that you always need to keep in mind while working on Fiverr.

Hi @kritikachander4,

I am sorry, but sellers are not allowed to create multiple identical gigs as it is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to do so. The OP’s question was not if they can create multiple gigs (i.e. have more than one gig). The OP’s question was whether they can create multiple identical gigs, which they are not allowed to do.


i know, i had a doubt about it thats why i asked but the lady said they could be similar but the content shouldnt be the same.
anyways thank you for your help

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Hello and welcome in our community. Yes, it is better to have more gigs, so buyers have more options. With one gig, you are out there only by one work but more gigs means more opportunities to be discovered. Take your time though, dont make gigs fast just to be there, make sure they are presentable. Also, in your profile, in my opinion of course, i would change the photo profile into a drawn of myself so you can promote what you do in your own photo. Also make a bigger more detailed description. I wish you all the best luck.

Maria S.


Hello, @hanshuber16
I might’ve misunderstood then. However, my answer was meant for multiple different gigs, not identical ones. Had I known that @manalkgomez was talking about multiple identical gigs, I wouldn’t have said so.
Thank you for your guidance and correction.
Have a nice day.


It is not allowed by fiverr Terms of Service.

You could get all your gigs deleted, or even your account closed, if any competitor report you

i was thinking of doing that (about the profile picture), thank you for your help

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