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Is it essential to respond very quickly to buyer request

Dear Viewers is it essential to respond buyer request very quickly? Because only first 50 request buyer can see,If I respond according to buyer needs, means custom request then my request will take some little time, So definitely my request queue will be above 50,So buyer can’t see my request…Please guide How I respond to buyer request (1) very quickly (template) ? or (2) own written request (custom)…
Thanks in advance…


You can say this as soon as the buyer gives you a message.( Thanks for contact me.)

Hello! Who told you that the buyer will only see the first 50 buyer requests?

I think it doesn’t matter. Just think like you were the buyer. Would you always take the first 1 offer that came across or rather take the opportunity to compare those offers?
Make the depending on how you answer the request and not when.


I have tried myself ,I post request as buyer 3 time and I received 50 request from seller 3 time,

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But I replied custom according to buyer need,My request queue will be above 50,So I think It is not good

Well, that’s weird because I already experienced sending an offer with 60+ or 100+ requests and the buyer actually messaged me. I was very surprised because I got noticed among all of those requests. So I don’t know if what you’re saying is true or maybe you mistakenly did not see all the other offers for some reasons. I don’t know!

BUT, for me, you should be able to respond quickly but also try to make your offer unique and not copy-paste!

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions,

I just can say from my little experience so far. As I mentioned it’s not important.
All my answer to the requests are already 40-70+, because I’d like to understand first then eventually answer the request. I don’t want to waste all my bullets for those buyers who just came across. I’m filtering and choose the one I like to answer.

Like i already asked, If you decided to buy something would you rather accept the first 50 or take the time to sorting out what’s the best for you?

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thats gold!!! :smiley:

Thank you,I learned a lot from your post.

I think own writing content is better. No need to give quickly buyer request. First try to understand buyer requirement then write you own content.

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