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Is it essential to take Fiverr tests?

Hi! I have been on fiverr for almost a year and currently a level one seller. My gigs are graphic designs related and there are some tests available in “My Profile” which are related to my area of work (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign)

I want to know that whether it is essential to do any or all of these tests and does it have any effect on sellers? :thinking:

Thank you! :pray:


Means you are verified, isn’t that really good about the seller that what he demands his skills are, are actually true. Helps to make the client feel an extra bit of trust for the seller


Did you take the test? (If you’re a seller). Yes of course it helps to build customer trust, I just asked from the community before taking them are they really essential or have a meaning to both buyers and sellers.

I really appreciate your reply :hugs:


Yes, I took a test, you can check my profile in the skills section


Great, I’m gonna do English test today :+1:


It’s not essential, but if you get a high score, it’s good for your self-esteem and self-confidence. As far as I know, I haven’t gotten an order because of my test scores.

The company that created the tests, not Fiverr, isn’t perfect. Some of the tests had strange questions. The copywriting test had questions about poetry. Poetry isn’t copywriting.


Did you notified fiverr about this? That the questions are strange and some are not relevant to the skills. I’m a graphic designer and for me Adobe software tests & English tests are shown as the relevant ones.

I hope fiverr will look in to your issue and hope you’ll get a good score and more orders in future :hugs:

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Fiverr is testing through the users response on it. They will improve this feature in future


fiverr is check your skill and improved this feature in future

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We don’t know if/how Fiverr will promote sellers with high scores but my opinion is that they didn’t implement the tests for fun or to add a few colors or figures on our profiles…
Before implementing the tests Fiverr launched a survey and one of the questions was related to certifications and gig promotion…

If you pass the test with a high score you can promote yourself when potential buyers contact you :wink:


Hmm, it depends!

Different strokes for different folks!

However, I took the tests because I was bored and wanted to challenge myself. I passed on the first go-round for the (3) tests I took. So, my regular clients and potential ones can see… I’m capable of having a decent conversation and comprehending the English language.


Fiverr is aware of the flaws, at the end of each test, you can review the test.

I think your should take the English test just to show potential buyers that you’ll be able to understand them. If your score is low, you can always hide the test.

There are several English tests you can take, I recommend English Language over English Spelling.

Don’t do English for Business! It has a lot of irrelevant questions and English words I haven’t seen used in an office setting. Maybe it’s a better test for accountants, people with MBA’s, rather than copywriters.


Thank you so much for all the input. I just joined Fiverr and was wondering about the tests too.

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yeah hopefully! :pray:

yes hopefully they will :relieved:

@carineb Yes I agree, they didn’t implement the tests for fun, But as some of friends said they faced some problems when taking tests like irrelevant questions and they fear that it’ll affect their gigs & sales even though they can hide the test score. But if we get a good score we can definitely use it to promote ourself :hugs:

@nikavoice Yep, taking the English language test can be beneficial for any kind of a seller since It’ll increase buyer’s trust of having a good communication & understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

@fastcopywriter thank you very much for your reply, there are some flaws not only with “English for Business”, but with few other tests too. kudos to you for letting the community know about it :hugs:

@mairejusticia you’re always welcome. That’s why the forum is here to help anyone who is in need!

Thank you everyone who took their valuable time for sharing their knowledge & experience with the community. Even though there are some flaws in few tests, I think it is better to take tests relevant to our categories and build trust on buyers!. :hugs:

Also if anyone knows what is the buyers’ response about tests, whether they think it is good or nor, trustworthy or not and whether they feel secure about going for a seller who done tests and have good score by skipping a seller who haven’t; let the forum members know so they can learn something from that too. :blush:


I have had some issues too but these problematic questions are a minority. Some bugs happen only on the first question (only once in a test). There are 39 remaining questions to succeed…

Some questions are a bit weird… yes, but they are part of the tests and we can’t change them and the provider of these tests has not decided to change them. I have passed 10 tests, I would say that I have found 3-4 questions a bit weird (That means 1% of the questions).

Some sellers manage to get 10 out of 10 on the tests. Everything is not completely broken on these tests!


I love this idea. I’ve done a few tests and I’ve known my strengths and weaknesses, and I’ve learnt a lot on how to improve my skills

@digimark96 I think this is based off of basics of rule of thumb. Tests are what distinguish the great ones at what they do of course.

100% agree on that statement :+1: