Is it even possible to cancel the purchase of a specific gig extra?


Long story short: a buyer of mine ordered a VO gig. All fine. I delivered the voice over, and he requested a revision (paying the $5 pricetag of that specific revision, hence: he bought a gig extra). The thing is, he didn’t request any style changes, or rhythm changes, no. He only wanted me to remove a “click” sound that he heard on the file: a click sound that only the Fiverr on-line player adds. That sound doesn’t appear when the file is downloaded to your computer, so it’s just an on-line player thing.

Bear with me here, I will not charge $5 to that guy for no reason whatsoever. So I just want to know if there is any specific way of only cancelling one gig extra purchased after the original gig was ordered. Can you shed some light here?

Thanks guise!

PS. Might end up contacting CS just in case.


Nope, there isn’t a way to do any sort of partial refunds on an order.

So NOT possible for individual gig extra removal.

CS is your best friend on this. :thumbsup:


Offer him a 5 $ less deal with his next purchase maybe, if you can’t find a better method.


It’s a pretty good solution, since he stated he’s willing to come back later on.


@miiila has the right answer. By offering a “you’ve got credit” deal, you dramatically increase the chances of the buyer returning with another order.

They get a deal on the next purchase, you get a repeat client.

I tell them to simply order and under pay by $5 next time, or contact me and I’ll give them any gig extra they want that is valued at $5 via a custom order.

Either way you win… (Once they have ordered a couple gigs from you, they are highly likely to be back for more.)

Plus if all they want is a $5 order, I tell them to contact me via a message and I’ll make it happen. (Again, everything is focused on building a repeat client.)


I’m interested in using your services, how can we connect?


Drop me a message over @ ! :slight_smile: