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Is it ever appropriate to tell a client they've made you cry?

LOL I’m not actually asking that question.

But seriously… I have a client right now who has asked for so many revisions on their script it’s making my head spin.

I recorded it (start to finish) for the third time today and I’m dreading delivering it beacuse I know their client is going to send it back with more changes.

They’re paying for the revisions which is great, but I have literally cried over this project more than once out of sheer frustration because, frankly, their client wants studio-level work from me for what was originally a $30 script.

I’m really proud of my work, but I know my limits. I’ve explained to them that I’ve done pretty much all I can do but they keep asking for revisions.

Anyway, I’m very dramatic obviously, lots of love and hope everyone is having a nice weekend! <3


I haven’t had a situation exactly like this but I had a client who was very picky in exactly how he wanted his script to sound. As a solution, I asked him to record the script himself (it was short, like 400 words) and then I rerecorded based on his audio with my voice. Never had a problem again since. Hang in there! Have a good weekend and don’t stress, you have a great voice and provide a great service!


Paid or not, you don’t have to offer revisions beyond what you are comfortable doing.
I would suggest that when you deliver you mention something like “As this is the Xth revision, I feel I have done all I can with this project. If the client requires another revision I will do that but that has to be the last one and they must be clear about what they need. [insert niceties here]”

I assume even paid revisions don’t make it worthwhile doing them over and over?


Unless you offer more revisions in your gig description you should say that’s the last one you are doing as you’ve done the best you can.

We sellers have to stand up for ourselves and not allow clients to take unfair advantage or try to push us beyond our limits. Have some boundaries in place for what you will not tolerate and tell them in a professional manner that you have done all you can.

You have expressed yourself very clearly to us. There is no reason why you can’t say the same things you said here to your client, minus the part about crying.

Since you told him you have done all you can he is being sadistic by continuing to ask for more revisions so put your foot down and say no.


Don’t cry… Just feel proud for yourself.

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It’s funny you mention this because I was thinking about asking the client to ask his client to do this! I think that’s a good way around the back and forth.

During the last revision, I told the client plainly that I wasn’t sure I could offer much more with another revision and that any further revision requests would have to come with very specific instructions.

The trouble that I’ve gotten myself into with this project is that it’s Part 1 of 3 or 4 videos they’re making for a series. They’ve already hired me to do Part 2 and I’m assuming the others will come shortly. So if they ask for more revisions I’m going to have to explain that this can’t go in such a way on for every single order, but I’m worried because they’ve already committed to me we may have a stalemate situation in that case.

I’ve done around 1,000 orders on Fiverr over the years and this is the first time I’ve run into this issue so it’s been a little confusing for me to navigate. It’s been a good lesson on boundaries though for sure.

:joy: I can be my real self with u guys, what can I say? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’ve run into the third party buyer would be my guess. Where someone is reselling your work for a large fee, so they client is giving them grief. The suggestion for sample is good.

I’d say around 75% of my work is for the buyer’s client. I don’t mind, because 9/10 times the work is straightforward and the client knows what they want as they’ve already heard my samples.

But it’s a gamble as a buyer to outsource your work because the problem I’ve run into this week is always a risk. It’s very frustrating.