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Is it fair Fiverr rating system?

Hello guys,
I read many comments or answer regarding the Fiverr rating.
If I have a 20 ( 5 stars) rating then suddenly I got an order and after doing much irrelevant revision or after giving many facilities to the buyer they give me a 4.3-star rating. Suddenly my rating of that gig drops to 4.9 stars.
Is it fair?
There is no value of 20 five star rating and a single negative rating down my gig rating.
Now, there are lots of people who are saying that have patience and give your 100%
But how?

After that day I didn’t get any new orders. There are many sellers with a 5-star rating then why any new buyer will give order to me?

I think we should send a request to Fiverr to develop a fresh rating scenario.

What’s your opinion?


It’s math. You can easily calculate it yourself. Fair has nothing to do with it, just elementary school math.


Yes you are right i can understand that’s an math of an average formula. Can you tell me that 60 days criteria?

I disagree, I think fair has everything to do with it. Math is probably the fairest subject of them all albeit confusing when numbers and letters decide to mingle. I think OP main complaint is if one job goes sideways and your rating dips OP believes that stops new orders from coming in.


It’s on your analytics page.

Yes its completely fair, but if you are complaining that a order goes not quite expected and your rating dips and that impacts possible future orders, then I would agree there seems to be some evidence that consistent recent quality matters and impacts the search algorithm, at least pre-covid it certainly did.

That being said Fiverr is always changing something in their attempt to bring about a better experience for all parties involved, it just so happens some of the parties involved become worse off.

I would suggest do everything you can to mitigate the potential of an order going sideways. Communicate like crazy set very clear expectations and don’t be afraid to cancel an order in order to keep a high rating. No one will know how many orders you have canceled but every future buyer will see you once got a poor rating.

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No, It is not 60 days criteria. It is forever.

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I see, my bad. I thought he was asking about the 60 days criteria, so I told him to check them on his analytics page.


Yes i agree sir but my concern is only that if a good seller have 21 good rating then why a bad rating impact there overall rating progress.
It’s like a monopoly of a buyer.

Orders come and go. Some sellers get a new order quickly after getting a 1 star review.

One 4.3 rating isn’t going to put any sane buyer off.


4.3 isn’t a bad rating, anyway, it’s just averages, I’m pretty sure Fiverr rounds it to nearest decimal point so, if your average is over 4.96 it will show up as 5. If my numbers are right you just need 5 more 5* ratings to balance it out.

To be honest the system isn’t unfair, it’s how most rating systems work, it’s brutal but not unfair.

You seem to care of public rating so much (which is excellent by the way) but forgot about private one which likely gets much greater weight for search algorithm these days.

It makes perfect sense because the number of 4.9 and 5.0 rated sellers increases day by day. Private feedback, for many different reasons, might be veeery different from public one.


Thanks sir. Can you tell me the meaning of private rating?

Rating that the buyer gives after the order is complete that isn’t shown publicly. Only Fiverr staff see it (and probably their algorithm(s) make use of it).


You have to look at current quality, currently if you deliver a gig and got a rating less than your average you may have sales suffer. The next order that comes in you have to deliver beyond expectation to get the 5 stars and bury that bad review. Remember current quality maybe slightly more valued then over all quality, one bad job followed by one good job is the only way to self correct.

It would be different if you are complaining about being penalized for a buyer placing and order than canceling through no fault of your own.

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That’s unique information for me. It means a buyer can give two types of rating first one which is shown on our gig rating area and second one for fiverr which will not see publicly

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