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Is it fair to have an extra offering to do the gig within 24 hours IF


… if you already usually deliver said gig order within 24 hours anyway?

What are your thoughts on this?


Absolutely. I’ve modified my most popular gig to be 3 days instead of 1 and sometimes I do deliver within 1 day, however it is NOT guaranteed unless the buyer pays for the extra $5.

I am A-OK with this because there are some nights I come home from my full time job and simply don’t want to work on my queue! Having the flexibility to leave some things for tomorrow is reassuring to me.


Definitely! I almost always deliver my orders long before the time limit…but, sometimes I get busy and don’t do them as quickly as I would if I had guaranteed it in 24 hours! If it’s an important project, a guarantee is valuable.


Reply to @aurorar: This is how I feel about it as well. I just wanted to hear some other opinions on this, because it does seem like it could come off as unfair.