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Is it fair when u when some client canceled his project when we have revision cections

is it fair when u when some client canceled his project when we have revision cections? becaouse we have spend time and energy to this project at the end we have to a cancel it. is it becouse client paid more to the fiveer? is it fair this coution come from me as newbie


I am sorry, can you try that again with a better, slower, less circular (repetitive) explanation: what happened?


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It is better that if we can know the story more clearly in order to give a clear feedback on it.

therea is client didnt like my work so i can make revision on it but they want redesign somthing in that work which is redesign. obiuosly i charge them for that and they wont to charge for redesign


I will say very clearly, Improve your English and writing. Poor communication will cause you lots of problems. Not only will people not want to buy from someone they think won’t understand them but you will miss what a customer is really telling you. That leads to where you are now.

And I am sorry that you are where you are now. How exactly you got there I do not know.

A client hired you, great:

  • Was this job fairly priced or were you desperate and grabbed a bad customer and job?
  • Did you get a really clear Brief from them before work started?
  • Did you discuss and clarify that back to your customer to make sure that your idea and their idea were the same?
  • Did your work meet all of those points perfectly?
  • Does your work match the quality & style of work your show in your portfolio?
  • Was their revision request reasonable?

Apparently not. It seems they wanted to re-work or do-again. Was it from a fail on your part or are they trying to pump you for many works for one lot of pay (or no pay at all if they cancel when you have said “no more”)?

If you have one of those types of people and you have offered a price to do the extra work that they have refused - but still expect the work, you either need to Deliver again and hope they accept (and probably leave a terrible Review that you can answer but if you do not have many jobs can sink you) or as CS to Cancel for you with no fault as the buyer is being unreasonable and therefore you cannot ever make them happy. This latter hurts stats a bit but means they cannot Review you. You get no pay but they are gone. Block them so they stay that way.

Then work out how you let them in and change your Gig to make people like them less eager and recognize the signs of that type and say no early with confidence.



i dont know but he accepted the offer

Ok well that is good then. Maybe he is a decent buyer and just changed his ideas.

Still, really work on that Communication it is really weak. Not picking on you at all.
(I am betting that you barely understood most of what I wrote seeing you gave one line that doesn’t reflect what I wrote at all)


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at firts everithing is clear and he just wanted more revision, before i take revision he suddenly request redesign a tank on that work so i wanted to charge him for redesign and he request for canceled

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