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Is it forum BUG!

After reading any topic in our forum, we all get a similar type of option (which I attached in my ss)
But recently I notice that when I click on read this topic button,
it redirects to another page.
And shows that can’t reach the page.
Is it Forum BUG ? or they don’t link it to another page?
Anyone facing this problem ???
Hope that FIVERR forum management takes necessary steps to this.

Not sure. I’ve changed my personal setting to ‘normal’ so that I never track threads I read.

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It may be that the post was deleted or hidden due to being flagged.

It looks like a bug, the page URL is not correct,
It showing https://u/username/preferences/notifications but It should be

I will sent it to an admin to look on it. Thanks for heads up :wink:


No its not actually,
I found this problem in every post.
Even my last seen post too

Happy to know that,
Btw I am just thinking why my post doesn’t show anyone and why they are not commenting,
At least I was not wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

@imagination7413, Idk actually if I am the only one who facing this problem or not.
But its happened last 1 week with me,
and I think that maybe they will give a solution for it.

It’s just a small bug :bug: it shouldn’t be a “Problem” :smiley:


yeah, just a small bug.
I am just informing you actually :smile: