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Is it go against TOS

We have a good relationship, as a buyer and seller. So he wants to see my photo. So I’ve sent him, my photo on order page. Is it violate fiverr terms?


i think we can’t share our personal details…social media details…but photo…i think that does not violate Fiverr terms…it is your choice however we don’t need to share our photos :grin: :grin:

it’s ok. You are not violating any terms and conditions

You don’t offer anything that would necessitate sending your photo to a buyer. Your buyer can also see your photo on your profile page.

You have not violated terms, However, you have put yourself at risk of identity theft. Fiverr TOS states that all rights to work delivered on Fiverr belong to buyers. You have delivered a .photo of yourself. Your buyer can now use this however they want.

This time tomorrow, you might be a new adult magazine cover model or be promoting some kind of scam online. - All thanks to the combined power of creepy people and photoshop.


That is very unprofessional. The order page relates strictly to orders. If you want to be taken seriously in the business world do not mistake this, your workplace where you run your own business, for a dating site. You will lose the respect of your clients. It is not to your advantage as you might think.

I assure you that the buyer now thinks you are naive, at best, and unprofessional and can be taken advantage of at worse.


Him wanting a photo is the unprofessional move in the first place.

OP sending one is beyond comprehension.

Why would someone agree to that?


Thanks for feedback. I will take care of it in future. I have just one client who asked for my photo.


Never underestimate the naivete of some younger females. (Certainly not all!)

… wait what? Lol :female_detective:


I don’t know if it is happening on Fiverr. However, there are hundreds of people online selling selfies and pictures of their ID’s to people so that they can buy Bitcoin. - It helps the buyer make sure that they can’t be traced for tax purposes in future.

It is unbelievable how so many people do not bat an eyelid when people ask them for things like photos and ID documents.

Maybe that’s why he asked for one. You can bet it’s not for an innocent purpose.

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Yes. I agree, some buyers also messaged me for this things. I just block them. They are spamming maybe🙄

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I can’t think of an honest reason to ask for your photo, or why would a decent person ever do that unless you’re offering to be a model. This isn’t a dating site.

No, just common sense and keeping oneself safe.


In my opinion this is unprofessional .


What if some seller falls in love with a buyer, and they want to marry? Would fiverr allow that. Just a thought came in to my mind :stuck_out_tongue: