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Is it good for work in new account or old account


im a old user. for some reason i cant continue my work.
is it good for open a new account and do work rather than work with old one


I think its good to go with old account. You can delete your old gigs(in case there any) and start all new.:slightly_smiling_face:


I believe starting a new account isn’t allowed without deleting the old one.

Also a new account wont make you a better seller to attract more buyers


1st deactivate old account and then create new or deactivate new account open old


you should probably use your old account.


i am agree with you


No need a new account, Use your old account!


Hi @hamzarahman29 New or Old account is not fact for getting more order. I think you we are same. I was absent few months. But Now I have start again working on my Old gig and getting more order.
So, I think that is not problem for old or New Account.

Even I have got Bulk Amount Order from few days. :slight_smile:


You are Right. Now I am success on my old account


Thanks guys i will go with my old one… Really appreciate


I have same question here…got answer…