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Is it good or bad to use "Gig Packages"?

Hi Everyone,

My problem is related to Gig Packages.
I’m a Seller and not using Fiverr’s Packages currently. I am marketing it to buyers like this “You don’t need to pay more. Everything is on One Package”

Can you tell me is it OK or should I use Fiverr Gig Packages? I mean if I use Packages, can I get more sales that current situation? I’m kind of confused with this matter. So if you can guide me, it;s really a good help!

Thank you!

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Personally, I would say that the packages are the best thing to add if you know how to optimize them right. For me it took me few months of optimizing the packages so they can be attractive to buyers.

If you know how to make good package bundle/deals for your services then go ahead and do it, otherwise don’t use the packages. But that’s just my opinion.



There is no yes or no answer here.

Some gigs suit packages very well, but some don’t.
Some sellers don’t like packages for a number of reasons entirely valid to them.

My personal experience is that I had to think in order to set up packages for my gigs to think of what would make sense to buyers but I have found they’ve increased orders of the higher-priced packages. I get less people ordering too much work for $5, basically.


I am not using package feature for all my gigs but for those for which i am using packages i realized that more people buy the premium package or standard package then simply ordering the 5$ basic package. So as per my experience its good to use them but again it differs from seller to seller.
Use whatever way you think would be more presentable for you and easy for buyers to understand.
Also with packages you can use your extras smartly if you optimise properly.

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I recommend looking into providing gig packages. It gives the customer flexibility to get what they really need. Everyone wants something different. Its just like providing copy, video, pictures and bullets in one blog post. You want to stimulate all senses & areas of the the mind and at the same time give them what they want. Packages are the same exact thing. Give them versatility, but not too much (you don’t want them to be overwhelmed.) Offer them the solution, even when they aren’t aware. Embrace the potential of your gig package, as if it is an entirely new gig itself. Do research on your audience and what really pulls them. Take a look around converting headlines. Most likely, if it attracts you, it will attract your audience.
I would say, do some audience research on your target market and utilize those packages to the best of your abilities.


Thank you very much for your time and answer!

Thank you very much Supermandk for your time and answer!

Completely agreed with you .
As my personal opinion I used $5 gigs than packages it just make people attracted towards you and then you can also use the gig extras features which helps me alot :wink:

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Horses for courses. For some it is a dream. Being able to help your buyers think about how to out something together works perfectly. For others, the old way is the best way. I personally love gig packages because I can show people what can be done. Simply writing 250 words is one thing. But adding in keywords, research, bullet points and others brings it to life (as well as making extra income for me.)

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That depends on you. For me it’s been a win in terms of revenue, but it all depends on how you put them together.

I’ve noticed because it defaults to your middle package (higher priced) there are a set of buyers who just order that, rather than try to figure out if the cheaper basic package would work for them.

It’s easy. In my case my “Standard” package includes music with the voice over. About a third of my buyers order that, then tell me they don’t want/need the music. So they paid me an extra $5 because for THEM, saving $5 to figure out if the cheaper package might work wasn’t worth their time.

My Standard package gave them everything they need (and more), so they just say “I’ll take that, minus this one thing” and that’s easier than going to “Basic” and figuring out what to add.

All to say, it was an easy way for me to add hundreds to my monthly income, and the buyers are still getting great value overall. Your mileage may vary.

I also think from a marketing POV it’s a win. Many people like the mid level pricing/package deal with selecting among three options. They don’t want the most expensive, but they often don’t want cheap either. So if your Standard package is well constructed, it’s an easy option for them to select.

Be sure the Standard one is profitable for you… and a good value for them. It won’t work for everybody, but Fiverr prefers we use them.

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