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Is it good to add the terms and conditions for the Buyers in gig description?

Hi there,

Can you please help me to decide if I should add the terms and conditions for the buyers in my gig description or should I send them message before/after they order. Somehow I am confused about it because some of the buyers sometimes ask some unnecessarily(those were not discussed in the order) changes in their orders again and again. So, I thought I could add some terms and conditions for the buyer so they do not bother me with unnecessarily changes out of scope in current order or unless they want to extend the order to include that change.

Let me know if the above is not clear.


Yes, it’s good to add it in the gig description. So when the buyer tries to ask you for something outside the price he’s ordered or something outside your service, you can always say “as per my gig description, it states blah and blah.” … :slight_smile:

Yes, you should be very clear upfront in your gig of what your gig includes and what it does not include.