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Is it good to copy gig description

hey there Doers!

please tell with your experience that it is good to copy descriptions from multiple gigs and then create new description by copy-pasting good lines from these descriptions to create a new gig description.

please share experience as well

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It’s good to look at the tags, pricing, and service offerings of other sellers but copying bits of gig descriptions just implies that:

  • A person is lazy
  • Isn’t prepared to research or put any effort into their own success
  • Probably says they will give you the best cheeseburger in Brooklyn but actually throw a cheap mystery meat pie in your face and call it a delivery

great answere to my question mate,
but if am not a native English person and what i should have to do to create a great well grammar description of my gig and also please tell me where i should research to that how to create best and attractive description

Is this related to your earlier question about creating multiple gigs which are similar?

Your gigs have to be different - you can’t have 15 gigs offering the same thing.


Use Grammarly and Google and maybe ask a question somewhere like Quora regarding what your potential buyers want to see in a sales copy like yours.


@offlinehelpers you mean to say i can offer the 2d animated video with differenet style and gig video and also with different gig description?

@cyaxrex buyers want to see in a sales copy like yours.

please can you explain this line in the simple words on english?

You have to be offering different things in your gigs - you’ve already got 2 which look very similar.

Please do ask CS for further help as I don’t want to see you or anybody else getting into trouble for doing the wrong thing. :sunny:


@offlinehelpers you mean to say that my 2 whiteboard videos gigs are same? but there are a number of sellers which have multiple gigs with the same niche like the logo designing etc.

If you copy any part of a gig description you risk having that gig removed and being charged with copyright infringement.


I’m not in a position to judge anything - I’m just suggesting you check with Customer Services before you do anything.

Just because others are doing something which is possibly against the rules doesn’t mean that you should too.


i have contacted Fiverr CS they said i can create multiple gigs in same category but make sure these are not copies of each other

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no i do not wanna break any rule of fiverr


So you have the answer already. No need to ask us.

You can search on fiverr for people to write your gig descriptions or correct the grammar in them.


i was asking you guys because they have not replied me yet

Anyway I hope you have your answer now.

i do not know what are you saying but i got my answere and i will not ansk you guys anything more here ok thanks bye!

Why would you make multiple gigs in the same category? That’s pretty foolish if its the exact same. Why spread your reviews into two gigs when you can concentrate all of it into one and boost your gig.

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Yes but if i have more gig there are more chances to get more orders may be most of them appear in good ranking and if tell me how to concentrate only on one gig like i have created a gig and tell me what is remaining to that i should keep focusing?

No, the duplicate gigs will not be shown and will be removed at some point.

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