Is it good to copy paste reviews on website?


Hi all! Actually I need a tip :slight_smile:

I just have one question. In Buyers requests I saw that some people are searching for someone who will copy/paste their review on some websites. I just wanna ask if this is ok to do ? Could there be any problems (with Fiverr TOS or others problems). Thanks for answer…



In the past this deinetelly wan’t an issue, but lately fiverr is very sensitive about violating a third party copyrights. And creating a gig offering a review for a particular brand (like apple) won’t be approved, but I believe that doing this requests won’t cause any trouble to you. I had a gig which was offering iOS apps and it was deleted due to that reason recently, after it was active for over an year. If you name your gig something like I will give review on any website or something like that, everything will be fine. Hope that this helps

Best regrds



From the sound of it, this seems like it would violate the TOS of the review websites since you’re not actually reviewing products or services you actually purchased.


Reply to @ilgeorgiev: Thank you for your answer. I have also a gig to write review of iPhone app (from what you said I think is better for me to remove it). But I noticed that there are many similar (iPhone/iPad review app) gigs here.


Reply to @adnagam: Thank you. This is all what I wanted to hear. And this mean I don`t wanna have any problems anywhere. I will avoid this kind of requests.


Reply to @knewme: You got it!