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Is it good to create mutliple gigs?

Hello guys,

I am level one seller. To improve my profile i checked different high level sellers and find out that they have just have 3-4 active gigs, although they can keep 20 active gigs (seller level 2). I was curious to know that whether its helpful to create more gigs? I have 7 active gigs and i am thinking to create more as i can have upto 10 active gigs.

I am frontend web develop as well as can work on wordpress. I have experience of developing sliders using different plugins so i can create a gig for that too. As i have more than 1 skill. Therefore, i can create gigs on different niches providing different services. Or should i keep limited gigs?

You can check my profile and let me know is it good to keep all these gigs? Looking forward to your suggestions.


As long as the service is not same, you can. It’s can be under same category. You can check below

Yes i know this and my services are different in each gig. My concern was that high level seller keeps few gigs only and they provide all services in one gig. Don’t create separate gig for each service. For example they will create a single gig for bug fixing and will be providing services of website creation in that too. While i have individual gig for individual service. So keeping multiple gigs is good for my profile?

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I also found lots of seller who created all of their gig! it will help you to get more impressions, so there is nothing bad.


I think that as long as you offer different services you can take advantages of gigs amount offer by Fiverr.
I think your new gigs won’t affect your old gigs visibility.

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There is a phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

If all your gigs are loosely connected to web design, Wordpress development, writing PHP scripts, etc - then I would say go for it. It will be obvious to anyone viewing your profile that this is your niche, and a buyer should find trust in this.

If however your gigs include data entry, logo design, voiceover, blog writing, etc then people will naturally assume you’re trying your luck and you’re not a master at any of them. Why would an article writer feel the need to offer data entry? Why would a voiceover claim to be a logo designer, etc?


Yes, all my gigs are related to web design, providing different services. Like in one if i am offering wordpress development than other is related to bug fixing. So i can keep them all :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes i think creating more gigs is great as you get great orders for one gig, there is a chance for buyers to view other gigs and might improve impression too.

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@farzeen_shareef yes you are right it will improve impression.