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Is it good to give one star review?

I purhcased 2 gigs from one seller for two press release. They should be delivered in 3 days. The gig say it is a 2 day service through monday to friday.

The author did not explain that the first order will be delivered late, until 6 days I purchased a second gig from him. I did not blame the author and i assumed that good job takes time. However, I am wrong! The job delivered next day. The content is not so professional and you can refer the attachment. In addition, some sentence is not finished. My product name is One Mini, but it wrote Mini One instead. I konw these are minor mistakes. But I don’t accept these mistakes, because I have to take time to make proof reading for him.

It is not the end. The second article is delivered on time, but the length is very short. the author left a message:


Here is your press release. I wasn’t sure exactly how long you wanted it, but I tried to incorporate as much information about the printer without making it sound too much like the other press release."

First, I have state that I want it in 400 words.

Second, If you are not sure my requiremnt, you should contact me first!

What’s more, it copied all the content from my website description.

I wrote my questions, but the author does not reply me now. Simply close the order.

Can I simply give One star? Is there any thing I can do?

If you were unhappy with the work (which you obviously were), and I were you, I would cancel both of the Gigs ordered and get my money back.

But if money isn’t the issue here, then a 1 star review seems more than appropriate.

Here’s my view,

  1. Did his gig title state that the work would be delivered in 3-days? When you ordered, did Fiverr tell you it would be done in 3-days or less? If not, he’s not as fault for being late. My tagline is “creativity in 3-days or less” because that’s my philosophy, others don’t follow that.

  2. “First, I have state that I want it in 400 words.” Did his gig promised a 400-word press release? Does your product have enough information to be worthy of 400-words? Would you be OK with the PR writer making up quotes?

  3. “my product name is One Mini, but it wrote Mini One instead.” That was careless, but that’s a fixable mistake, that alone is not worthy of giving someone 1-star.

    Honestly, that’s not the worse press release I’ve ever read, it is somewhat boring because it’s not telling us anything new, thus it will get ignored by all journalists.

    A good press release should have something specific to report. Maybe this is the most affordable 3-d printer, or the easiest to use, or for a limited time, you’ll be offering free shipping.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

1.yest the deliver time is 3 days. and the gig says it is a "Two (2) day service"

2. the gig does not clarify the length but I wrote my requirement in our conversation and in the order page.

3.yes it is not a big mistake. I just want to mention he did no research on my job. no double check.

Reply to @maddisont:

I am buying many gigs from amazon. Gigs priced from 5-100 are ok for me. All I need is quality and promise. This author does not reply my conversation now. I do not know how to cancel my second order. The second pr is totally a copy of my website, that’s not acceptable.

In the end, you get to leave whatever review you feel is appropriate. It sounds like this interaction hasn’t gone well for you, though, so a cancellation or going through CS may be a better option for you. Best of luck.

Did you asked to you seller to modifies your order… you have to give a chance to your seller, if seller not agree then you can take an action…

For the future when you say you “want it in 400 words”…that usually might mean that you want it in 400 words or less. So if you want it to be at LEAST 400 words or minimum 400 words you need to clearly write that part.

And what kind of information did you give the person other than a link to your website? Creating a really good press release usually requires talking with the person/business/inventor, to find out that inside edge that makes their product or service unique and more importantly newsworthy. What kind of newsworthy event or launch were you trying to create?

A press release is not just an announcements about what your business is that is already up and running, it’s about trying to create something spin on something eventful happening with your company.

Reply to @wiiboox: buying gig “from Amazon”? What kind of gigs are you buying from Amazon?

Why didn’t press Modify button? you can ask him to do modifications. did you use this facility?

Reply to @sincere18: thank you for your helpful advice.

I provide many other information for the author. I think just simply not to cooperation with this author in the future is a better choice. Many jobs are waiting ahead. This is just a lesson to let me konw how to choose a better gig seller.

Reply to @sincere18: sorry for the typo. I mean buying Gigs on Fiverr.

Reply to @abidagfx: i contacted with the seller. But he ignored me.

Most sellers offer a satisfaction guarantee, so it won’t be neccessary most likely. But if they refuse to refund the order or continue working for free until you love the delivery, then you have little choice!