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Is it good to spend most of the time in fiverr forum?

I spend most of the time in forum when i have no sale and views in my gig.

Spend most of the time? I wouldn’t recommend it. Perhaps as you said you spend your time here when you have no sales and views on your gig, you can load up on some tips from fellow sellers then you can use it to update/modify your gigs or look into buyer requests. :smiley:

If you have time to spare when you do have some sales, you can use the forum as a place to take a break from the work and engage in discussions with the community.

That’s just my take on it. :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for advice about how to appeal better to clients by improving your gig, then the forum can be an extremely helpful place for that. It can also be a place to learn from others mistakes so you don’t repeat them yourself, or to read other people’s success stories when you’re going through a slow month.

In that sense, then, the forum is a great place to spend your spare time in. If you’re looking to find clients directly from the forum then your time would probably be better spent elsewhere, say promoting your gigs or services outside of Fiverr and trying to attract buyers that way.



a forum is a place where you will learn new things about Fiverr and learn new things for your Fiverr gigs also.

Not at all. Its best if you can consider using that time on advertising and improving your gigs while at the same time waiting for clients.

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I think it is a wonderful idea for new Fiverr users to spend time reading informative forum posts. That will definitely help them with their business.

Even after that, I think it is a good idea to drop by the forum every once in a while… going through forum posts just to see what’s up… and to keep oneself abreast of the changes that take place on this platform…

Because it is not like Fiverr exactly updates us of the changes they make via official patch notes/list of changes or something… (reminds me of the hundreds of forum posts that were created by annoyed Fiverr users even WEEKS after removal of the “Available Now” button.) :wink:

I think that is something each person should decide for themselves.

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I agree with @fonthaunt It depends on each persons time. I mostly never saw TRS on Forum because I guess they have more sales than other people. However, being on forum regularly is a a good thing as we learn new things that help to grow on Fiverr in a better way.

Spending time not making any money os never a good idea :slight_smile:

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There are many TRS on forum, you just didn’t noticed…

Forum is great place to get some info on how to improve your gigs tho. So it is good to visit forum

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I noticed some but not that much so I pointed the thing :slight_smile: