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Is it good to talk to people outside the fiverr forum

Contrary to popular belief, it is OK to contact a buyer outside the platform if, and only if you need to do so to complete the work. … To see the communications between you and the buyer in case of dispute resolution or questions. To ensure you and the buyer are protected by the ToS. To ensure Fiverr gets its commission.


I’m sure @paulmaplesden would be flattered by your decision to copy his words out of all the tips on the forum but is there a reason you thought this should be done?


What does this have to do with the Fiverr forum?

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Just want to know since I can’t do outside communication on fiverr user. So that I won t be banned

The forum and Fiverr itself are totally different things.

ook thanks for acknowledged me.

thanks for posting this question. some of my clients shared their web address and i do contact them there however i always use fiverr for order and payment because it is safer.

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You welcome then!!!

if you contact in FB, you maybe banned in FB!! :thinking: