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Is it hacked my account? profile picture changed automatically


My profile picture changed automatically. I’m now worried about that. It was fine few minutes ago. I don’t know how it changed and i didn’t find the image in my pc. So it’s really strange, how to changed automatically.
What do you think about this issue?


Is that you? :confused:


Just checked, and your image is just as shown on the forum, so no change for me. :slight_smile:


Now changed again


Nope - still your logo.


yes logo was before on my fiverr profile picture . can you sent me a screenshot?



Ok thanks. but why i can see another image?
now changed again


No idea I’m afraid - very strange.


The issue showed on Chrome browser but Mozilla firefox showed my original logo


Lol I have the same problem too… I checked after seeing this post :slight_smile: Something must be wrong with the database or something else.


Yes may be, so it’s not hacked.


The correct picture is shown in the navigation bar.


Same problem is it a Bug ??


I have the same issue going, so it seems like a bug.


I just wrote to the support team hopefully it works out


Oh wow! Yes, same issue.


After several people are having the same issue it’s most likely a bug. To be safe, change your passwords as a precuation. You can’t lose!


yes, may be :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Its really weird! Plz change password and security question, be safe.