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Is it happened to everyone?


In last few days I’m facing a disgusting Problem. After Delivering my orders and providing revisions ( If asked ) then everything gets silent. Order still marked as Delivered and no Review. I wait for like 3-4 hours and check if buyer is online or not, then Message them asking about this and They are like shocked and simply reply me man I already rated your order. But still my orders showing marked as Delivered. 40% of buyer ask me what to do, as I even don’t know what to do I tell them to check the order again and then I receive Review. But 60% buyer Never come online again so they also can’t help me with this.

As a new seller I definitely need Reviews to grow. I don’t know is it a Fiverr bug or buyer’s don’t Review but it’s happening with almost all buyers.
Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,


Don’t message your buyers 3-4 hours asking for a review. Just don’t do it. It’s annoying to the buyer.
Buyers are not obligated to leave a review. I would reckon that perhaps your buyer simply left a private review without adding the next step, which is the public review.


If you believe it’s a technical issue then contact customer service.
Don’t spam your buyers.


Yeah. @uxreview Right.
I think it’s Technical Issue :hushed:


I think they are not leaving reviews but don’t want to admit that to you.


I can see plenty of reviews! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it would be better to say your problem is disappointing, rather than disgusting? There are many worse things could happen which could be disgusting, but I doubt this is one of them!

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your reply.

Oh no I haven’t meant that. I meant after delivering the order I wait for like 3-4 hours , then I message like ’ did you like my work,please take a moment to share your thoughts ’

And please tell me what is private Review? Can I see that ?
Because I never bought from fiverr.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


Some buyers don’t like to leave reviews so my opinion is they should only be asked one time for a review and that is when you deliver the order.

Some buyers leave a review in a few days. They are given 30 days to leave a review so you are too anxious.


Thanks for your reply.

I don’t spam them, I kindly ask them for sharing their experience.


Thanks for your reply.

But if they accepting the order it should not be marked as ’ Delivered ’ right.

That’s why I’m calling it bug.


Hlw ,
Thanks for your reply.

I wish anything worst than this will not happen.


When order is completed buyer receives multiple reminders from Fiverr to leave feedback. There’s no need to bombard with your personal messages. When you deliver your order you have the option to send a message. After that leave them be :wink:

I’ve never asked a single review and my review rate is 85%.


As someone who is a buyer more often than a seller, if I don’t leave a review, it’s intentional. If I love the service, I will definitely leave a review. If I hate the service, I will definitely leave a review. If I think the service is mediocre, I give the seller the benefit of the doubt and don’t leave a 3-star review. If you bombard me with requests to review the gig, I will do so. But you’re probably not going to be happy with it.


In my opinion it might be just a private review they have left.


I had this experience recently. I don’t generally ask buyers to leave a review or anything like that, but my client ordered another gig without closing out the other one. I had asked him politely to do so and he told me he’d already done it 3 times. I had this with another client as well a couple of months ago. She said she was unable to close out the order, leave me a review and allegedly give me tip for that order.

It’s def. annoying because you don’t know for sure if they’re actually getting the message that the order is delivered or if they’re trying to complete the order.


So there might be a bug where they can’t leave a review or tip. I’ve had buyers tell me they are trying to leave a tip but it won’t let them.


Yes, That’s exactly what I was trying to mean.