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Is it hard to get orders after 1 year Pause?

I am back after 1 year. The reason I was not able to work is that I live in a war zone and had no internet acess from last many months. Currently I have low speed intenrt with 50KB/Sec.

I had some great clients which are almost off because they might have surely found new sellers for their work now I am confused about getting back to work as it will surely be hard to get back and start getting orders again.

Anyone has some tips for me? Moreover I would have to check for days to know what has changed on Fiverr.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it is difficult. but i hope you will recover it by using your previous experience. Welcome

Welcome back! Seeing as you already were able to gain customers when you first started, from what I imagine picking back up again would not cause you to experience an impossible hurdle. You’ve already had customers before, and have the reviews to show for it, which ideally would make a potential buyer more likely to trust you compared to a new seller with 0 reviews. With the right amount of dedication and work ethic, which you’ve displayed before having gotten work on Fiverr, I imagine that you’ll be back up to speed with a new customer base in no time. I wish you much luck!

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