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Is it hard to start


hello guys I am Shady FROM Egypt i am architect with 5 years experience most of them in Egypt … will it be hard to work here as most of buyers are from Europe , Americas and Asia .

i just redraw objects , plans , elevations using Autocad

i need your advice

thanks for your help


Yes, it will be hard. But you can name it easier by working harder, by promoting your services to your target customers, and by crafting gigs that stand out from your competition.

Anything is possible. But you’re going to have to work hard to achieve it.

Are you planning to work hard to achieve your goals as an architect here on Fiverr?


yes i am planning to as an Architect and Draftsman , but the problem is the code of building in Egypt and middle east is partially different from the code of the USA , UK and Europe .

So now i am trying to reach the code of buildings in Europe and USA to achieve my goals .

for the mean while i will work as draftsman or architect of the middle east projects in 2d drawings


Don’t worry, hard work is gonna make everything work out well. Do more study in the building code of USA and other countries also.


This is what i intend to do now-days


Then start quickly so as to achieve quickly. :+1: