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Is it harmful for my Fiverr account?

There are 10 times my gig was removed. I want to know, Is it harmful for my Fiverr account?

Not at all, sounds like you’re doing great :wink:

Your gig is being removed for a valid reason. It’s either violating the Terms of Service or you’re not delivering what you’re promising to deliver. Get in contact with Support and figure out what the problem is. I’m amazed you’re still on the site when you keep re-posting the same gig. Stop doing that and fix the problem.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Why was it removed? Are you posting the same gig each time?

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@email_marketer0 you never give up and that should be the spirit :grinning: anyway I know you are doing your best to get your gig sell, but you should follow the rules of the site. Use the resources in academy column and learn more in forums.

good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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No Dear, I didn’t post.

Thanks for your valuable comment.

If it’s the gig you posted about last month ‘I will collect your targeted email lists’, then yes it will keep being removed.

You asked this before:


10 times? I mean I’m sure if you keep creating gigs and getting them deleted Fiverr will at some point suspend your account.

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@psychicexplore the site prohibits posting of URL links here, thanks for your comments though :slight_smile:

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The support team must have pulled your gig for viable reasons. I remember I posted a gig that invited clients who wanted to be taken through online classes, but the support team pulled it down and they emailed me the reasons why they did that. I hope no one will do this too next time.


Dear psychicbunny, Are you sure?

Yes, she is right. If your gigs are being deleted and you are creating/voilating the same over and over you will get banned. Lucky enough that are still on Fiverr after 10 times voilation(or something else). Change each and everything to secure your account.


If you’re asking whether your account could get suspended if you keep offering something that isn’t allowed, yes, it can.


There was this one, too:


if you are violating fiverrs terms while creating it then that could be the reason or try to change content images or tags ,category it will help

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