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Is it harmfull If I get 20 reviews in a row from one buyer?


Hi everyone.I am very new in Forum.I have a question and I need your valuable answer.

Is it will be harmful for my profile if I get 20 review in a row form one buyer ??

I just wanted to be sure as I am not sure about this.Please tell me if there is any chance to be looser ?

Waiting for your kind reply.



Hi, Welcome to our community. Regarding your question, it looks like fine and will not any harmful effect in your account. Repeat buyers is nice way to build your profile more attractive


Hello @rajugreenlovermany many thanks for your kind reply.

I know Repeat Buyers are best for business but my question was: is that will not be a problem if all 20 reviews from 1 client in one row ??



No problem. its ok…
best of luck


Not much of the problem, unless the orders made are big and the buyer initiates a Paypal chargeback.


He isn’t asking whether it’s against the rules or not. He is asking because he’s afraid it will look bad and that both Fiverr and future clients may get suspicious. Some buyers try to boost their sales by creating another account they use to order gigs from their primary account. 20 reviews in a row from the same buyer will make a future client think twice.


Thank you so much for your reply @taverr !

But I am not clear what you mean by Paypal chargeback.Could you please explain a little bit ?

Thanks again


Hi @herokane thank you so much for your valuable comment.

I have got an important message from your comment.

Anyway could you please tell me is it will be against the Fiverr rules if I got 20 reviews in a row from 1 buyer ?

Waiting for your kind reply.



It’s not against Fiverr TOS. If the sale is valid, then you got nothing to worry about in terms of TOS. I’m just saying that sometimes buyers get suspicious when they see a seller with a profile that has 20 reviews in a row from the same client. One thing to consider is that most buyers don’t scroll down for more reviews. They get a good idea of your performance as a seller from your recent reviews. Imagine what they will think if they see all those reviews from one client. Think of the message they may get of that.



Many many thanks for your kind information.

Now it’s clear to me.

You are great… thanks


Repeat reviews from the same buyer show that someone liked your work so much that they’ve purchased it multiple times - that’s a very good sign! Repeat buyers are the bread and butter of fiverr, and such reviews show trust and loyalty - which attracts even more people your way, because they get from them that you’re reliable and likeable!

Good job, to many more good reviews to come!


Repeated reviews are good unless the reviews are just “Outstanding Experience” :smiley:
I have few repeated buyers, but they provide different reviews based on the order done. That shows the potential buyer that the reviews are genuine.


Thank you so much @miar2017 and @jeenfer1 !!!

I appreciate your valuable comments.



I just made a post about this same subject! Are you actually getting 20 orders from the same client?

I’m just wondering why you are asking.


Lucky you! I wish I can get that as well :slight_smile: I’m new here as well.


Hello @misscrystal hope you are doing well.

Could you please give me your post link ?

I am asking because: If I get 20 reviews in a ROW form same buyer I mean no review in between this 20 reviews then is it will be suspicious or risky to the FIverr authority or my profile is in danger or any T&C against this .Therefore I know repeat buyer is good sign and appreciated but my concern is: still is it good sign if all 20 reviews in a ROW from same buyer ??



@light8048: here’s the link to her post: Why do some new seller accounts, or even ones that are older, have dozens of reviews from the same buyer?


Nope. On the contrary a service looks even better if same person has purchased it multiple times.


As long as they are authentic then no.