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Is it helpful (for rank gigs) to share gigs on facebook and other social media site?

I want to know if i share my gigs daily on social media. Is it helpful to rank my gigs?
IF not please tell me the right way to rank my gigs.
I have proper seo, video title, 24/7 online. I want to know something different to rank my gigs.

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When you say “share gigs” I am not sure if you mean randomly inserting your link to your gigs in various places, or having a facebook or other social media page of your own with links.

You shouldn’t be trying to insert your gigs and links into social media at random.


Then what should i do for rank my gigs?

You can make your own social media pages about your fiverr gigs on places such as twitter, facebook, tumbler, instagram etc.

You can also post a video on youtube about your fiverr gigs. A seller who makes videos can help you with that.


Thanks that’s helpful… #misscrystal


Same thing i want to know. If you found something. Let me knwo