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Is it illegal to demand a 5 star Review?


Hello Doers, I delivered my order and client give me a 1 star review. His review was “Seller did a perfect and I’m 100% satisfied but he demanded 5 Star review that’s I gave him 1 star”. Please can you suggest me is it illegal to demand 5 star and please suggest me some professional tips. thanks


No, demanding 5 star is not illegal. I thinks about it because it’s our account rank… Buyer have this general knowledge


I don’t see the review on your page?
I think it’s against terms and conditions to ask for a five star review. You can tell the client they are welcome to leave feedback if they want (or something like that), but you can’t tell them what rating to leave.
I mean that was kind of a lame move on the buyer’s part… but… don’t ever demand ratings, and especially don’t demand 5 star ratings. Nothing more unattractive to a buyer than for them to be told how they should rate their experience.


than I requested client to change review. I opplogize and he change the review from 1 star to 5 star


Its okay to ask 2-3 times

but you can’t force your customer for doing 5 stars


I just asked 1 time…!!! But after humble request he changed review. thanks for your suggestion


Sometime shit happen

Before a week I took a project and customer increase the requirement in middle without extra budget and I also did extra work for him and rework more then 3 times and he still give me 1 star.

Some customer are totally un-honest. No worry and keep working. 2-3 negative reviews will not give any bad impact.


Telling customers they have to give you a 5 star review is going to get you into trouble. you can only ask they leave feedback.


Yeah, offcourse we learn from mistakes.


Yeah, offcourse…!!!


my shopify gig is also not showing in search bar from top to bottom…???